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When will the morning tea be on the market in 2019? Market time of tea before Ming Dynasty

Spring tea, especially early spring tea, is often the best quality green tea of the year. A lot of tea before Ming Dynasty was used as tribute tea for the imperial court, and its quality is absolutely excellent. When will it be on the market?

In spring, the temperature is moderate and the rainfall is sufficient, which makes the spring tea taste fresh and fragrant, and has health care function. So when is the earliest spring tea in 2019 on the market? When will it be picked?

When is the earliest spring tea to be launched in 2019

Before the society, before the Ming Dynasty and before the rain

Spring tea

Tea experts have always had a common tea tasting formula: tea is expensive and new. Therefore, in the tea shop or on the tea pot, we can often see the inscription "three front picking green". The three front refers to the society, the Ming Dynasty and the rain. "Three front" means that the tea is picked at the right time, and it is a top-grade new tea

① The spring equinox is more precious than the spring equinox. The purple bamboo shoots tribute tea, which was required to be transported to Chang'an on the Tomb Sweeping Day every year in Tang Dynasty, should be 'Sheqian tea'

② The day before the Ming Dynasty is the day before the Qingming Festival. However, due to the low temperature, the limited number of sprouts and the slow growth rate before the Qingming Festival, the yield that can meet the picking standard is very few, and the rare is the most expensive. Therefore, there is a saying that the tea before the Ming Dynasty is as expensive as gold. Before the Ming Dynasty, the tea is a single bud with full, even and round grains. There is no bitter and astringent taste after making tea. It should be very fresh. The color of the soup is bright and not dim

③ Before the rain, that is, before the rain, that is, after April 5 to April 20, tea is called rain tea. Although the tea before rain is not as delicate as that before the Ming Dynasty, due to the high temperature at this time, the buds and leaves grow relatively fast, and the accumulated contents are also rich. Therefore, the taste of Yuqian tea is often fresh and strong and resistant to bubble. Due to climate factors, low temperature and less rainfall, yuqiancha is characterized by thin and short leaves, high aroma, slightly bitter taste, strong sex and heavy quality

Schedule summary

Spring tea on the market

1. Pu'er, Yunnan

Time of Pu'er tea market

March 5-20 (ancient trees), 25 large-scale mining

Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Pu'er, etc

2. West Lake Longjing

Launch time of Longjing

Tea is supplied to the market in early March and mid March

3. Biluochun

Launch time of Biluochun

Tea in early March and concentrated supply in mid March

East Dongting mountain and West Dongting mountain of Taihu Lake in Wu County, Suzhou City

4. Xinyang Maojian

Launch time of Xinyang Maojian

At the end of March and the beginning of April, the market is in peak season from Qingming to Guyu

Xinyang City and Xinxian County, Shangcheng County and Dabie Mountain Area

5. Lu'an melon slices

Time to market of Lu'an Guapian

Listed around Qingming

Dabie Mountain area, Lu'an City, Anhui Province

Lu'an Guapian is a kind of green tea, which has its own characteristics due to different producing areas. The shape of tea is flat, the tea bud is plump, the leaf edge is slightly warped, the leaf quality is soft, and the size is even. The color is green and bright, the aroma is high, the taste is fresh and mellow, the aftertaste is sweet, the soup color is clear and bright, and the leaf bottom is green.

6. Taiping Houkui

Launch time of Taiping Houkui

Listed in mid April

The area of Xinming, Longmen and sankou in Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Taiping Houkui has two leaves, flat and straight, natural stretch, and hidden pekoe. It is known as "Houkui has two sharp ends, not loose, not warped, not curled". The color of the leaves is green and even, the veins are green and red, the orchid fragrance is high and crisp, the taste is mellow and sweet, there is a unique monkey rhyme, the soup color is clear and clear, the bottom of the leaves is green and bright, and the buds and leaves are plump.

7. Lushan Yunwu Tea

Marketing time of Lushan Yunwu Tea

Listed in mid March

Lushan, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

The leaves of Lushan Yunwu Tea have a long growth period and high beneficial components. The contents of alkaloids and vitamin C in the leaves are higher than those in ordinary tea. It is strong and green, leaves are tender and even, the color is green and the soup is clear, the taste is strong, and the fragrance is like orchid. This kind of tea looks like Longjing, but it is mellow than Longjing tea. Its color is golden yellow like Tuo tea, and it is lighter than Tuo tea.

8. Anji white tea

Market time of Anji white tea

Listed at the end of March

Anji County, Zhejiang Province

Different tea varieties have different mining time

The picking time of spring tea was affected by tea varieties to some extent.

For example, Hainan Baisha green tea was put on the market at the end of January; Wenzhou Yongjia Wuniu early variety was first picked in the middle and late February; Fuding white tea was generally picked in early March; Longjing in West Lake had to wait a few days before the Qingming Festival; Pu'er touchun also varied from the middle and late February to March.

The exploitation in the north is later than that in the south, and it is even later in the high altitude tea area

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Affected by the latitude and altitude of the tea producing area, the time of tea mining in Jiangbei is later than that in the south, and it is usually picked before and after the Qingming Festival. But in some high altitude tea areas, the time of first picking is later.