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How to do when bangs are always blown by the wind? Teach you to blow out perfect and unchangeable ba

The girls who have bangs must know that when they go out to meet the wind, the bangs are easy to be blown away, and become the mid point bangs, which are very ugly. This should be a nightmare for all girls with bangs. But today, I'm going to teach you a little skill to blow your hair, so that your bangs will not be blown away by the wind all day.

First of all, you need to prepare the fixer clip. The steps are as follows:

1: Spray the setting solution on the clip

The first step is to spray the setting solution superfine on the clip. Since the hair dryer is to be used later, it is recommended to choose the iron clip. In addition, the setting liquid should not be too hard, otherwise the bangs will not be too natural.

2: Clip the clip to the flowering part

Then it is directly aimed at the flowering part, clip in the clip! Attention must be paid to the flowering place, the two sides of the branch line are clamped together.

3: The blower is heated from bottom to top

After clamping the flowering parting line, use the hair dryer to blow from bottom to top for about 3-5 seconds. The main purpose is to make it more shaped. If you want to enhance the effect, you can spray a little shaping liquid after clamping the clamp and then close it!

4: It's done by combing and finishing

Just take off the clip may be a little panic, it doesn't matter, first use a comb (it is recommended to use a flat comb with dense comb teeth) to comb the whole down first, and then sort it out a little bit!

It's not very simple to restore the original blooming hair flow. Finally, attach the original film. When you are upset by the bangs, don't forget to try it!

In addition, Xiaobian secretly shares a film, which can blow out fluffy bangs through clips. In the past, we might roll bangs through hair rolls, but if we don't control them well, we will leave clip marks on the curls. As long as we first clip bangs on the hair root, blow a little with a hair dryer for about 3 seconds, and then take off the clip, the bangs will have a fluffy radian!