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What are the suspense masterpieces in film history? Recommendation of classic high score suspense mo

Suspense movies have always been the heart of the audience and directors. A good suspense movie will attract people's attention. A movie can make people feel hearty. The following editor will recommend the best works in suspense works to ensure that you can enjoy yourself after watching them.

01. Confinement Island

Director: Martin Scorsese

Starring: Leonardo & middot; DiCaprio / Mark & middot; ruflo

Tag: suspense / America / horror

Douban score: 8.6

(276013 evaluation)

This film is a suspense thriller about spirit and behavior. The director uses a lot of surrealistic techniques to depict Ted & middot; Daniel's hallucinations and dreams. The use of large contrast color and slow lens successfully creates a strange and mysterious atmosphere.

02. Fatal magic

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian bell / Hugh Jackman / Michael Kane

Tag: suspense / America / Magic

Douban score: 8.8

(269270 evaluation)

This is a fight about magic. Both on and off the field, it is full of suspense and frightening elements, and the plot is full of tension. If you like the exclusive Victorian political and cultural atmosphere, this film is undoubtedly your best choice.

03. Fatal ID

Director: James & middot; Mangold

Starring: John Cusack / ray lyota / Amanda Pitt

Tag: suspense / Horror / Psychology

Douban score: 8.6

(241613 evaluation)

The exploration of human nature is one of the eternal themes of the film. This film may tell us such a truth: the most evil soul often appears the most harmless and hides the deepest.

04. Lost lover

Director: David & middot; Finch

Starring: Ben & middot; Affleck / PEI Chunhua / Neil & middot; Patrick & middot; Harris

Tag: suspense / marriage / horror

Douban score: 8.7

(236271 evaluation)

'I loved you, but then all we did was hate each other, control each other, and bring us only pain & hellip; this is marriage'. Finch made marriage shudder with his unique black humor and ability to create surprise.

05. Memory fragment

Director: Christopher Nolan

Starring: guy pierce / Kerry Ann moss / Joe Pantoliano

Tag: suspense / America / memory fragment

Douban score: 8.5

(217673 evaluation)

The fragmentary feeling created by this film allows the audience to experience the inner world of the protagonist. "Memory fragment" has found an integrated story for this kind of thoroughly inverted narrative technique. It needs special thinking to arrange the details of the flashback story, and it needs more inspiration to find a suitable theme for this framework.

06. Cruise ship of terror

Director: Christopher Smith

Starring: Melissa & middot; George / Liam & middot; Hemsworth / Michael & middot; Doman

Tag: suspense / Horror / love

Douban score: 8.3

(222235 evaluation)

The film tells the story of Jesse, a single mother, and a group of friends on a yacht. When they encounter a storm, they board a passing cruise ship and find that there is no one in the mysterious cruise ship that disappeared in 1930. The ensuing serial murders make Jesse and others fall into the terror of reincarnation. In the film, the big samsara sets the small samsara, infinite circulation, confusing but not disorderly, each detail is exquisite and incomparable, without bug.

07. Muherand Road

Director: David & middot; Lynch

Starring: Naomi Watts / Laura Harling / Ann Miller

Tag: suspense / Psychology / USA

Douban score: 8.4

(178164 evaluation)

The film reveals the cost of dreaming through the actress's experience in Hollywood. This film reflects the typical 'Lynch' style, with a unique and strong 'Lynch' vocabulary and scene: the flickering lights, the neurotic narrator, the ferocious mysterious man, the singer has fallen on the stage, but still loud and clear singing.

08. Eavesdropping storm

Director: Florian & middot; Henkel & middot; von donsmar

Starring: Ulrich & middot; Muay / Martina & middot; godet / Sebastian & middot; Koch

Label: Germany / humanity / plot

Douban score: 9.1

(168905 evaluation)

The film tells the story of an East German National Security Agency intelligence officer from loyal to his job lost enthusiasm, and then changed his position, began to protect the superior asked him to spy on the East German writer geordre Mann. This serious introspective film continues the strong speculative temperament and unambiguous critical spirit of German films since the new century.

09. Live horror

Director: Jin Bingyou

Starring: he Zhengyu / Li Jingrong / Quan Huizhen

Label: Korea / crime / suspense

Douban score: 8.7

(128945 evaluation)

The story focuses on a series of bomb terrorist incidents on the Han River in Seoul. Through the one-man play of he Zhengyu, this film shows a grand story that moves the whole body with one hair. The film pattern is not big, the investment is not high, but it has social significance and depth. It has won double harvest of word-of-mouth box office, which reflects the production level of Korean film.

10. Xinfeifang

Director: Vincenzo & middot; Natalie

Starring: Nicole & middot; debor / Nicky Guadagni / David & middot; Hewlett

Label: science fiction / Horror / humanity

Douban score: 8.0

(107929 evaluation)

It's a very strange film. A group of people are locked into a maze of small cubes with a large number of * mechanisms. These people can get out of this maze only by working together.