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Can Swisse Cranberry capsule eat during menstruation? Which women are suitable for Cranberry capsule

Cranberry capsule is a kind of health care product, which is very popular at home and abroad. Its main ingredient is cranberry, which contains some ingredients that can prevent gynecological diseases, so it is especially suitable for women to take. What are the taboos when taking it? Which women are suitable for?

Efficacy, function and contraindication of cranberry capsule

1. Anti urinary tract sensation. Cranberry dye capsule contains a special compound - concentrated tannic acid, which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of many pathogenic bacteria, prevent and control urinary tract infection, help to maintain the integrity of bladder wall and maintain the normal pH value of urethra.

2. Adjust the inflammation of female gynecology. Cranberry capsule in the removal of gynecological toxins, at the same time, in the vaginal fold, repair the damaged endothelial cells, remove the bacterial toxin implantation of the dead corner. And in the entire vaginal system to generate a cranberry capsule isolation barrier, so that exogenous and endogenous viruses have no place to hide.

3. Protect intestines, stomach, blood vessels. Cranberry capsule contains antioxidant substances, which can prevent bacteria from attaching to the stomach wall, thus reducing the occurrence of gastroenteritis. In addition, it can also relieve the blood pressure level and protect the gastrointestinal and blood vessels.

4. Anti aging, beauty and beauty. As mentioned above, cranberry capsules are rich in antioxidants, which can provide nutrients needed for the skin to prevent aging, which is more suitable for female friends to eat.

5. Protect oral hygiene. Cranberry capsules are rich in nutrients that can reduce the growth of bacteria, thereby preventing tooth and gum disease.

Can Cranberry capsule eat during menstruation

Cranberry capsule is a capsule that many female friends are taking now. Cranberry is similar to common grape seeds. It will not affect menstruation. But because Cranberry can promote metabolism, for those who have irregular menstruation, menstrual period can be suspended.

Which women are suitable for Cranberry capsules

1. Women with vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis and urethritis;

Dysmenorrhea caused by abnormal menstruation;

3. Women with urinary tract infection such as frequent urination, urgency and pain in urination;

4. Women with dark face, withered yellow, lusterless and spiritless;