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Can spinach and tofu be eaten together? What food does spinach go against

Spinach is the most common green leafy vegetable in daily life. Its nutritional value is rich, and the probability of appearing on the table is high. However, whether spinach and tofu can be eaten together has always been a controversial point. Today's editor will give you a science popularization.

Can spinach and tofu be eaten together?

Correct answer: can eat together.

The oxalic acid contained in spinach is indeed very high, so some people think that spinach and tofu containing calcium will produce sediment, one is to affect the absorption of calcium, and the other is to cause stone problems. In fact, there is no need to worry about the loss of tannic acid in Spinach during the cooking process. There is very little tannic acid in the mouth. The biochemical reaction with calcium can be ignored.

Here also want to suggest everyone: when eating spinach, it is best to blanch water, so that the tannin in spinach will be greatly dissolved in water, the taste will not be astringent, so eating with tofu not only won't get stones, but also very delicious.

Spinach can't be eaten with what?

1. Eel

Spinach is sweet, cold and slippery, and two eels are sweet and warm in taste. The nature and taste of the two greatly collide. If they are eaten together, they may cause diarrhea. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat spinach and eel together.

2. Cucumber

The reason why spinach can't be eaten with cucumber is that the nutrition will be destroyed, because the vitamin C decomposing enzyme contained in Cucumber will destroy the rich vitamin C in spinach, so the nutritional value of spinach will be greatly reduced, and how spinach and cucumber match is very strange.

3. Leek

In spring, spinach and leek will be on the market in large quantities. However, it is better not to have these two vegetables on the table at the same time. If they are eaten together, they are likely to cause diarrhea. Don't say I didn't tell you.

4. Soybean

In fact, spinach and soybean will not cause discomfort symptoms, this is mainly due to the unscientific combination of nutrition. Vitamin C in spinach can inhibit the release of copper in soybean, which can not make the nutritional value of both play to the extreme. However, it doesn't matter if you don't mind eating it together.