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How much is the business license? How about the business license process of individual business

Individual industrial and commercial households are the families or households that citizens have been approved and registered according to law and are engaged in industrial and commercial operations within the scope permitted by law. Individual industrial and commercial households can also set up shop names, but how much is the business license? How about the business license process of individual business? Let's have a look.

the registration fees for individual businesses are as follows:

1. The standard of registration fee. The registration fee for individual businesses is 20 yuan per household, and there is no additional charge for issuing business license.

2. Fee standard for duplicate business license. If an individual industrial and commercial household voluntarily obtains a copy of the business license, the cost fee shall be three yuan for each.

Individual businesses engaged in production and business operations must abide by the laws of the state, pay taxes in accordance with the regulations, and obey the administration of industry and commerce. Individual businesses engaged in illegal business operations must bear civil and other legal liabilities.

Extended data:

The business license processing process of individual business is as follows:

1. Go to the local administration for Industry and commerce.

2. Give your shop a good name, name composition = administrative division + brand name + industry + organization form, fill in the following form, apply for name approval.

3. After the name is passed, the business registration application is made and the form is filled in. The industrial and commercial department can accept the establishment registration.

4. The business license of individual industrial and commercial households generally only takes three working days. If the unit with higher efficiency can get the license on the same day.