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Is it true that toon will cause cancer if you eat too much? Chinese toon fried eggs is the most clas

Winter goes and spring comes, and in a flash, spring flowers are ready to bloom. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are also a variety of mountain and wild vegetables that many people like to eat. The most favorite food for many people is Chinese toon, but there is a saying that Chinese toon will cause cancer in the market. Is it true?

Is it true that Toona sinensis causes cancer?

First of all, we need to know one thing: where does the term "cancer" come from?

I believe you still have an impression on the rumor that sauerkraut causes cancer, Songhua egg causes cancer and pickle causes cancer a few years ago.

And the culprits of these innocent vegetables, labeled with the terrible label of "carcinogenesis", are the brothers "nitrate" and "nitrite".

We can understand that vegetables produce nitrate and nitrite in the process of pickling and fermentation. But Toona sinensis is a fresh bud, how can they contain these two substances?

First of all, we need to make a clear concept

It is not only Toona sinensis that contains nitrate. After absorbing nitrogen, plants often store it in the form of nitrate. It is a non-toxic inorganic compound.

Many foods contain nitrite, including fish, eggs, vegetables, meat and beans. The nitrate content of common vegetables is low, but the content of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis is higher than that in ordinary vegetables

Chinese toon cancer! Do not fry eggs!

Can you still eat Toons? Is this a technical job?

Eat or not?

This is a problem.

First of all, we need to clarify three concepts

1 & middot; to talk about toxicity without measurement is to play rogue

As haodoujun said above, many vegetables, fish and soybeans contain nitrate and nitrite. For example, vegetables contain 4 mg / kg, meat contains 3 mg / kg, eggs contain 5 mg / kg, especially beans and bean products contain high content of nitrite

Generally speaking, only large doses of nitrite and in the absence of vitamin C intake, will cause harm to the human body.

Therefore, don't give up eating because of choking, face up to the fact that food contains trace nitrate and nitrite!

2 & middot; the body's metabolic system is not a device

Nitrite does not accumulate in the body, it can be excreted through the urine. As long as you eat more meat and vegetables, you can eat them according to the rules!

Next time, if the aunt next door tells you:

Chinese toon cancer!

You are proud to tell her:

Cancer? It's just a bubble of urine!

3 & middot; eating is OK for everything!

But can we really eat Toona without any worries?


We also need to eat scientifically, eat in accordance with the law of development, and eat healthy and delicious food!

How to eat Chinese toon? It's more than fried eggs!

Tender shoots, fresh, blanched and salted

First, bud

The content of nitrate in the initial stage of Chinese toon germination is low, and with the growth of Toona sinensis bud, the nitrate content is also increasing. That is to say, the more tender the toon bud, the less nitrate, Toona must eat tender!

Second, eat fresh

Try to eat the freshest toon buds.

After April, although the content of nitrate in Toona sinensis shoots increased, the content of nitrite was still low. Therefore, if you eat fresh Chinese toon buds, it will not cause health problems. However, if stored at room temperature for a long time, a large number of nitrate will be converted into nitrite, which will bring safety risks.

In other words, it is safe to eat fresh toon buds picked from trees immediately. Therefore, when buying Chinese toon from the market, you must choose the freshest one. If the leaves fall off when touching, a large amount of nitrite will inevitably be produced. Don't buy Toons at this time!

Don't buy any more scrambled eggs!

Third, blanching

Blanching once with water can remove nitrate and nitrite.

If the Toon buds are not fresh enough, but the aroma is still there, and it's a pity to throw them away, you can eat them after blanching. Blanching in boiling water for about 1 minute can remove more than two-thirds of nitrite and nitrate, and can better preserve the green of Toona sinensis.

Hao Dou Jun also suggested that, whether it is cold sauce, fried dishes or fried Chinese toon fish, you might as well blanch it first, which can greatly improve the safety of eating Chinese toon.

Because the aroma components of Toona sinensis are mainly derived from essential oils, they are insoluble in water. Therefore, scalding does not significantly affect the flavor of dishes.

Fourth, slow curing

Many people like to salt Chinese toon for two or three days before eating, which is a very unsafe habit. Because the content of nitrite in Chinese toon will rise rapidly after pickling, and reach the peak in three or four days (when the salt content is 10% ~ 20%), the content is far beyond the permitted standard.

Pickling after blanching can greatly reduce the nitrate content and reduce the risk of pickling Chinese toon. However, the safest way is to marinate the boiled Toona for a week, and then eat it after the nitrite content is reduced.

In a word, tender shoots, fresh eating, blanching and slow salting can ensure the safety of eating Toona sinensis. Did you get it all?