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How to deal with gum swelling and pain

In our life, sometimes because of the fire and other reasons, we will have gum swelling and pain. Don't underestimate the swelling and pain of gums. It makes us ache all the time. It hurts when we eat, it hurts when we sleep, and it makes us very uncomfortable. So, how to solve the problem of gum swelling and pain? Next, let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Oral cleaning is very important for maintaining the health of teeth, so we should master the correct method of brushing teeth, otherwise the food remains between the teeth, it is easy to cause gingival inflammation and swelling. Brush your teeth in time in the morning and evening every day, and rinse your mouth after meals,. When brushing, brush vertically, and the transverse brush will damage the gingiva and enamel. The time of brushing each time should be no less than 3 minutes, or it will not work if the brush is not clean.

Diet also plays an important role in improving gum swelling and pain. Our diet during this period should be light, avoid spicy, raw and cold irritant food, otherwise it will make gingivitis more serious. In addition, we can also eat some heat clearing and fire relieving food, such as balsam pear is the best one.

When our gums are swollen and painful, we should choose medicine to take treatment. We can take metronidazole to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Take two capsules three times a day, at the same time, it can be taken with amoxicillin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, with better therapeutic effect.

In addition, when our gums are swollen and painful, it may be that our teeth have problems. At this time, we should go to the dental hospital in time. Under the doctor's treatment, wash, anti-inflammatory and apply medicine. Only in this way can we get the root treatment. Let's really say goodbye to gum swelling and pain.

Finally, we should try to keep a happy mood, because anger can easily involve toothache. Usually feel the beauty of life more, don't let yourself be too depressed, the mood is good, everything will slowly and naturally get better.