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What is Luo Yonghao doing for wechat platform? Why does Luo Yonghao attend wechat business activitie

What's the matter with Luo Yonghao as the wechat platform? Is it true that Luo Yonghao is a wechat platform? Many of our partners still don't know. Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What is Luo Yonghao doing for wechat platform

Hammer technology is crumbling, and some patents and employees have been taken away by byte skipping (today's headlines). From all kinds of signs, Luo Yonghao is also running around for the future of hammer, but he has not spoken publicly, but unexpectedly he went to the wechat conference platform!

According to the video exposed by @ boss's joint broadcast, Luo Yonghao appeared at a wechat business conference in Wenzhou on February 27. He appeared on the stage under the loud call of the host, and made a short speech: "I wish the investment promotion conference of XXX a complete success, and also achieve the win-win situation of all parties this year. '

However, Lao Luo's speech was very "Caton", which completely lost the spirit of pointing out at the previous press conference.

What's more embarrassing is that when the group photo is finished and Lao Luo is ready to step down, the host asks "Mr. Luo to stay". Lao Luo replies with "I've finished" and prepares to leave. However, the host once again says "Mr. Luo stays". This time, Lao Luo doesn't reply, so he gets off the stage directly. The host has to play a roundabout, saying that Lao Luo's plane is in a hurry.

This is not over. At the end of the meeting, the host stood in front of Lao Luo and asked him to give him another last sentence. Lao Luo didn't get up and didn't speak. The host had to continue to justify himself and quickly said 'general manager Luo is still relatively low-key'.

It is rumored that Lao Luo participated in the wechat business invitation Conference for a attendance fee of 50000 yuan. However, the organizers of the fair said it was a rumor and said that it was normal for good friends to go out for a business together.

The above is what happened to Luo Yonghao's wechat platform? Is Luo Yonghao really the wechat platform? Thank you for your reading.