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Does Thailand ray mask contain hormones? The truth of ray mask in Thailand

Thailand ray silk mask is a super praise mask, and word of mouth is also very good, but there is still a lot of doubt about this mask. But in many tests, it is mentioned that this mask contains hormones. Is that true?

Does ray mask have hormones?

Ray mask is not contain hormones! The ray Silk Mask from Thailand is a very cow mask. Mask paper is very thin, very well served, a full 35g essence, more than the mask 10g. Each time more can be used to wipe the neck, arms, legs, 20 minutes later, the face water slippery. The essence of our Ray is sweet, edible level of safety, pregnant women can be used, sensitive skin can be used to restore healthy skin, and even drop into the eyes without any foreign body sensation.

The truth of ray mask in Thailand

Ray mask is certified by the Thailand pharmaceutical regulatory agency. The official website can be checked. A good package is available. Is it a fake? Thailand RAY Silk Mask, Thailand Rayong (Rayong), produced by its unique geographical conditions and climate, has the characteristics of natural, safe and no added. Thailand silk is different from other countries' silk, and the silk in Thailand silk can absorb. With many heavy metals and excellent antibacterial properties, it is very beneficial to sub-health and allergic constitution! So the silk of many countries is not comparable to that of Thailand!

Ray mask evaluation

Ray silk mask is 3 layers of packaging, the middle layer is a transparent silk mask, before the use of hole pearl membrane will be removed, the middle layer of the mask directly applied to the face, then the blue non-woven cloth to remove. When the Silk Mask is horizontally tiled, the length of the mask is about 20CM and the width is about 23.5CM. Because the silk mask has certain elasticity and softness, it will be very comfortable when used, and it can also be completely fitted to the face without stereo cutting.

Silk mask is porous fiber, water absorption is strong, so a small silk mask can absorb a lot of essence, when it is used, it will not drip. Because of its excellent permeability, its moisture retention is about 5 times that of ordinary facial mask. After taking out the Silk Mask, there is hardly any essence in the mask bag. It proves that the water absorption of the Silk Mask is very good.

After continuous use of two boxes of facial mask, it is found that the contour of the face is compact and full. The looser areas on the top of the tattoo become smooth and the whole facial contour becomes compact. It seems that this mask will not only pull the skin due to gravity, but will also make the skin more compact.