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What are the causes of neonatal jaundice? Don't do these things during pregnancy

No matter how beautiful or handsome a child is after growing up, when he is just born, he will always be inevitably ugly for a period of time, because the newborn baby will always appear jaundice of different degrees, physiological jaundice may be good after a period of time, but pathological jaundice should be paid great attention to!

Physiological jaundice is basically the situation that every baby will have. Although it is a normal phenomenon, if it is not handled well, jaundice may become more and more serious. In addition, the jaundice status of the baby at the time of birth is also different. The severity of jaundice depends on the performance of the mother during pregnancy. If the mother often does these four things during pregnancy, then the baby is just born Jaundice can be severe.

1、 Not paying attention to diet

After pregnancy, the mother's appetite will increase, and the diet preferences will also change, may become paranoid, like a certain food, but if you only eat one or two foods a day, the nutrition will be biased, and at the same time, it will affect the baby's nutrition absorption. Nowadays, most people are carnivores and do not like to eat vegetables. However, if the lack of vitamin intake during pregnancy will aggravate the jaundice symptoms of the baby, so the diet of mothers during pregnancy must be meat and vegetable collocation, and eat less spicy food.

2、 No attention was paid to the production inspection

After pregnancy, the mother must regularly go to the hospital for birth examination. With the development of the baby, the number of times the mother goes to the birth examination is more and more frequent. From the first one or two months to one month, and finally to the hospital once a week, if you are close to the hospital, the traffic is OK. If you live far away from the hospital, the traffic is not very convenient Some mothers will be lazy not to go to the prenatal examination, which is a very bad behavior. The prenatal examination is to check the baby's development. There are many uncertain factors in the third trimester of pregnancy. These factors are likely to lead to premature birth or dystocia. Therefore, mothers and family members must pay attention to the birth examination. Although they need to travel frequently at home and in the hospital, it is for the health of the baby Kang must not be lazy not to go to the birth examination.

3、 Medication in early pregnancy

As the saying goes, drugs are toxic, so during pregnancy, they are worried about the toxicity of drugs to the baby. So even if the mother is in a state of illness, she can try not to take the medicine, but sometimes the more careless mother will take the medicine without knowing that she is pregnant, such as in the early pregnancy.

Some of the more careless mothers will not record their own physiological period, and even if there is pregnancy vomiting reaction, they will think that it is because they eat something bad that causes gastrointestinal discomfort and will not go to pregnancy. At this time, if they have a minor illness, such as a cold and fever, this common disease will directly take medicine, in this case, it may aggravate the symptoms of jaundice after birth.

4、 Stay up late

The disadvantages of staying up late are well-known, but now people stay up late can be said to be a common occurrence. People who are used to staying up late will lose sleep if they ask them to go to bed early. But for pregnant mothers, we must give up staying up late. If we often stay up late, we will not only disturb the metabolism of the mother's body, but also aggravate the jaundice symptoms of the baby, but also cause the baby in the stomach to stay up late with the mother. When the baby is born, it will be late to sleep, and it is difficult to fall asleep. We often have to cry before going to bed. The mother is the baby who is not tired. If the mother has a good life and rest during pregnancy, go to bed early and get up early, the baby born in this way will be easier to carry, and the mother will naturally be more relaxed.