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What is the best to eat in spring? Food types suitable for nourishing liver in spring

Winter and spring are the most suitable seasons for health preservation, of which spring is the most suitable for nourishing liver. Of course, the first way to nourish liver is to regulate diet. What do you eat in spring? The following is recommended for you to nourish liver and protect liver in spring. Let's have a look at the delicious food.

What does spring raise liver eat?

Liver food

1: Green food

In traditional Chinese medicine, green food is beneficial to the metabolism of liver qi circulation and body functions. Therefore, we should eat more green food in spring to maintain our liver. Green food is preferred for green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, leek, celery, etc.

Food for nourishing liver 2: food containing vitamin A

According to research, vitamin A has a protective effect on the liver. It can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in the liver and reduce the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, vitamin A should be supplemented in the daily diet. The human body needs vitamin A every day through food to meet, such as eggs, spinach, cod liver oil, carrots, tomatoes and so on are the best sources of vitamin A, daily diet should have these collocations.

Liver food 3: high protein food

The liver needs protein nutrition, because damaged liver cells also need protein to repair and promote cell regeneration. It is recommended to keep 'low fat and high protein' in daily diet, which is the most healthy for the liver.

In fact, high protein food sources are very wide, eggs, milk, tofu, muscle, sesame, fish, lean meat and so on are rich in high-quality protein, usually diet can be reasonable with protein containing food.

Food for nourishing liver 4: food containing vitamin E

Foreign medical experts said that vitamin E will have the effect of Treating Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. This is because vitamin E can prevent liver tissue aging and maintain normal liver function. The daily vitamin E can be obtained from walnuts, almonds, peanuts and other nuts, and sunflower oil rich in vitamin E can be selected for daily edible oil.

Food for nourishing liver 5: food containing B vitamins

The role of vitamin B is to accelerate the metabolism of various nutrients in the human body and reduce the burden on the liver. In addition, vitamin B can also repair liver function and prevent fatty degeneration of liver. It is very useful to prevent and treat fatty liver. Especially for people who like drinking alcohol, vitamin B supplementation can enhance the tolerance of liver to alcohol and reduce the damage of alcohol to liver.

Rich in vitamin B foods are mainly: soybeans, rice, mushrooms, pork, etc., if the body is seriously lack of vitamin B, you can also eat some vitamin B supplements.