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What to do if the car battery is out of power? The following methods are very useful

When it comes to the car running out of power, I'm sure it's a problem that many friends don't want to encounter. But there are always several times when the car battery suddenly runs out of power. In this case, it's almost difficult to start the car again. Especially when you are driving in a relatively remote area, the car runs out of power, which is even more heady Pain, today's news editor will tell you what to do when the car battery is dead.

First of all, in this relatively urgent situation, we can take some effective emergency measures. For example, everyone should know the starting method of the cart, but this method is not very recommended, unless it is necessary, because the damage to the engine and clutch of the car is relatively large when using this method. Note that this method is only suitable for the manual car, and the automatic gear friends can not use this method.

Well, what I've introduced is just one of the methods. There's also a premise for the method in front, that is, the person who has to cart should be a boy, the kind with great strength. If there is only one person in the car at that time, you can ask for help from the people around you. And as drivers, when others push outside, they can put the gear in first or second gear, keep the clutch on, and then slowly start the cart. When the speed reaches a certain speed, slowly release the clutch, and then step on the accelerator, the car will start.

Of course, after you start the car, although you think it's OK, but to be on the safe side, Xiaobian still suggests that you go to a professional car repair and electrical inspection to see if there are any wiring or leakage problems in the car, so that you can prevent this situation from happening again next time.