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Taobao in where to see their own praise rate? Can you see Taobao's high praise rate on mobile phone

The positive rate is the positive rate you give the seller when you are shopping on Taobao. But recently encountered some Taobao merchants appeared the user praise rate is low does not sell the behavior. So how should we deal with this situation? And how to check their own praise rate? Please see the introduction of Xiaobian.

Taobao buyers praise rate is low, how to solve the problem?

Not long ago, Taobao modified the evaluation system. If you don't comment after the deadline, it's no longer "default praise", but "this user didn't fill in the evaluation". However, we know that Taobao has two evaluation systems, that is, the buyer and the seller. For the Party of chopping hands, it has also encountered embarrassment recently.

Because the high praise rate did not reach the corresponding regulations, resulting in their inability to place an order in some businesses. However, at present, consumers themselves have no way to see their own praise rate, but sellers can see it in the background.

In response, Taobao said that the Taobao platform never had such a rule as "how much praise rate must be reached before you can buy something". It should be the independent behavior of the store.

Although encounter this kind of situation, can change shop or carry on the complaint according to the provisions of Taobao delivery, but it is undoubtedly depressing. In view of the civil rights involved in the incident, lawyers said that it was suspected of infringing consumers' right of choice, and Taobao was also obliged to supervise.

Where does Taobao look at its favorable rate

Log in to Taobao on the computer, and check the positive rate in my Taobao and my evaluation. Warm tips: the mobile phone does not support viewing the positive rate temporarily.