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How long is the shelf life of honey? Can honey put time long still drink

How long is the shelf life of honey? Honey is a nutritional tonic, its taste sweet and delicious, men and women, old and young can eat. And the health effect of honey is very good, so how long is the shelf life of honey? Will honey be bad for a long time?

How long is the shelf life of honey?

High quality natural mature honey is never deteriorated.

Formation of high quality natural mature honey

1. The natural mature honey is that the honeybee turns the nectar into honey and inhales the nectar into the honey sac after 120-240 times.

2. Then the nectar is vomited into the mouth, and sucrose is converted into glucose and fructose by invertase in saliva.

3. The honey with water content less than 20%, glucose and fructose more than 75%, and sucrose below 5%.

The reason why high quality natural mature honey does not deteriorate

Natural mature honey has a very strong antibacterial ability and corrosion resistance, and the moisture content is very small, resulting in bacteria and yeast can not survive, stored for a long time honey will only saccharification. Therefore, honey is the only food in the world that will not deteriorate. The oldest pure honey has a history of 3300 years and is still edible.


Natural mature honey can be eaten after a long time, there is no strict shelf life, but as a food on the market, there is a shelf life.

According to the requirements of the food law, the shelf life of honey products should be marked. Therefore, honey manufacturers generally set the shelf life of honey as 2 years or 18 months.

The fresh honey is the best, and the color, aroma and taste of fresh honey are complete.

Mature honey, which has been preserved for a long time, can be eaten as long as it is not deteriorated and will not cause harm to the body. However, compared with fresh honey, the nutritional value of long-term honey is not so high.

Honey deterioration is how to note: if it is immature honey or adulterated with water and other inferior honey, these honey will ferment after a long time bubble, acid, is not edible.

Honey is a kind of liquid with high viscosity, and the most obvious one after deterioration is thinning, like water.

Honey spoilage will be accompanied by a pungent sour taste or alcohol taste.

When you look at the honey carefully, if it goes bad, you can see a lot of bubbles.