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What flowers are suitable for women's day? Flowers and greetings on women's Day

Women's day in western countries, usually send roses and tulips. But in this festival, the choice of sending flowers needs to be decided according to the relationship between flower collectors and flower givers. Next, let's take a look at the most suitable flowers for women's day and the flower language of various flowers.

What flowers to send on women's Day

1、 Women's Day flowers for lovers, girlfriends, then you can choose to send roses, lilies, sunflowers.

2、 The best choice for women's Day is to send flowers to all female employees by colleagues or companies on women's day, so the best choice is to send carnations.

3、 Women's Day flowers for the elderly, such as mother, grandmother, grandmother and so on, can choose to send carnation and lily flower basket, and the best choice is bright color, more atmospheric flower basket.

Send flowers to elders on women's Day


Moral: greatness, kindness, respect and love

Red carnation

Flower language: Wish mother health and longevity

Pink carnation

Flower language: I wish my mother always young and beautiful

Huang Kangnaixin

Flower language: on behalf of mother's gratitude

Blessing words

1、 Mother -- the greatest human being is you! On women's day, we offer our children's most pious blessing! Our youth will stay forever! Our body will be healthy! Our children will always love you!!

2、 On women's day, I wish Mom: beauty is better than Xi Shi, intelligence is better than Wu Zetian, gentleness is better than Zhao Yazhi, charming smile is better than Mona Lisa, and modesty and elegance is better than Athena. Happy holidays, love your children.

3、 Every time you are sad, you heal my heart, you cook medicine and stew for me every time I get sick, and you cheer me on every setback. Mom, on March 8th women's day, I want to bless your health for you.

4、 There is a profession no one can replace, there is a gentle no one can compare, there is a kind of words like spring rain, there is a kind of care always in the bottom of my heart, mom, today's 38 women's day, I wish you a happy holiday.

5、 I use a touch of sunset red painted on the blessing card, I wish you good health, I planted a bunch of carnations in that happy heart, I wish you all the best, dear mom, I wish you a happy women's day.