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Who are the most beautiful female characters with golden pupil? Top three beauties of golden pupil

Looking forward to a year, little sheep Zhang Yixing starred in the TV drama golden pupil finally broadcast. In the past few days, Zhang Yixing's acting skills still live up to expectations. The story is also very attractive. There are not many female characters in the play, all of them are high-quality. The following editor will introduce to you who are the three beauties in golden pupil.

Three beauties of golden pupil

Liu Jia

Liu Jia is a curator. She is Miao Feifei's best friend. She has an emotional relationship with Huangfu Yun in the play. Liu Jia is played by Hong Xuan, and this little sister has also participated in "Sha Hai". She plays Yin Nanfeng, the boss of Mingyue hotel. She is also a very popular role. Suddenly, there is a feeling that all the actors in "Shahai" have crossed the golden pupil, which is amazing. Hongxuan is not only beautiful, but also has a good temperament. I look forward to her performance in the play!

Miao Feifei

Miao Feifei is a policewoman. She is capable, domineering and full of sense of justice. She is a heroine. As a female host, she is destined to have an emotional relationship with the male leader. Unfortunately, the role is not very pleasant. Only a few episodes have been broadcast, she has already caused a lot of audience's dislike. I hope we can counter attack later. Miao Feifei is played by Wang Zixuan, who may not be familiar with her name. She is Gu Ying, the "little goddess" in the river god. At that time, there were countless fans. Wang Zixuan's appearance is very high. At first, she may not be very amazing, but she gives people a very comfortable feeling. She is a beautiful woman with a good look.

Qin xuanbing

Qin xuanbing is a rich girl, a jewelry designer by profession. She is beautiful and intelligent. It can be said that she exists like "Bai Fumei". She has an emotional relationship with Zhuang Rui in the drama. You can look forward to it. However, in the original novel, the role of Qin xuanbing is the heroine, but in the drama version, she has become Miao Feifei. I think the plot will be greatly changed. Qin xuanbing is played by Chen Fuwen. Maybe you are not familiar with her, but if you have seen the sand sea before, you should have an impression on her. She plays the role of Shen Qiong in it. Chen Jianwen is pure and lovely, and is called "the first love face" by netizens in "the sea of sand". However, the hairstyle in "yellow golden pupil" is not suitable for her, which greatly reduces her appearance.