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Is Estee Lauder anti blue light eye cream easy to use? Who is Estee Lauder blue light eye cream suit

Now, whether it is eye cream or mobile phone film, we need to make a blue light resistant eye cream. Estee Lauder's anti blue light eye cream is more popular. This is a new eye cream launched by Estee Lauder. What's the effect? What about those people?

For whom is Estee Lauder anti blue light eye cream

The main function of Estee Lauder anti blue light eye cream is antioxidant and moisturizing. This eye cream is suitable for dry skin or dry skin. In addition, if you are bothered by dark circles, swollen eyes, dry lines and fine lines, or if you want antioxidant function, you can choose this anti blue light eye cream.

Estee Lauder small brown bottle resistant to blue light:

Brand new small brown bottle 'anti blue light' eye cream, 8 hours antioxidant, 24 hour moisturizing, 3 week dark circles, dry dry stripes, fine lines, bright eyes, no fear of blue light, capricious brush screen! Upgrade and concentrate repair technology, activate and enlarge eye self repair ability, multi effect repair blue light damage! Product registration is Estee Lauder special moisturizing cream eye cream, national makeup J2086020 Eye cream is a product nickname. It refers to the repair of blue light on the eye skin damage. Compared with the original Estee Lauder muscle repair eye essence cream, the concentration of yeast extract ingredients in the formula is upgraded 10 times.

What is the meaning of anti blue light of Estee Lauder Eye Cream

It refers to repairing the damage caused by blue light to the skin around the eyes. Estee Lauder's new small brown bottle eye cream promotes "anti blue light" and refers to "repairing the damage of blue light to the skin around the eyes" (which is also mentioned in the small words section of Estee Lauder's advertisement). However, due to the long wavelength and weak energy carried by blue light, the short-term effect on skin is not obvious, and the damage is more due to the effect of years (compared with ultraviolet light, blue light damage is nothing).

'anti blue light' eye cream can't resist the eye damage caused by blue light. In fact, when we talk about blue light damage, we mainly refer to the damage of blue light to the eyes, but the influence of blue light on the skin around the eyes is not the main one. Blue light is very easy to penetrate the retina, and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells are located in the outermost layer of the retina and can be penetrated by UV and IR, so it is the most vulnerable part of the human body. But we can't put the Estee Lauder anti blue light eye cream on the eyeballs, so the 'blue light resistant' eye cream can't resist the effect of real blue light.

In general, Estee Lauder's anti blue light eye cream is designed to repair the damage of blue light to the skin around the eyes.

However, the effect of blue light on the skin around the eye is much smaller than that of ultraviolet light. 90% of the blue light still comes from the sun. The blue light in nature is so strong that when it comes into contact with the air and water vapor in the atmosphere, it can emit scattering, which makes the whole sky blue. Therefore, instead of following the copywriter of Estee Lauder anti blue light eye cream, it is better to pay attention to the blue light in the sun directly instead of paying attention to the damage to the eyes caused by the optical fiber of mobile phone and flat panel. It is more important to pay attention to the blue light in the sun directly. Doing a good job in sun protection and wearing polarized glasses will provide more secure protection than anti blue eye cream.

Harm of blue light:

1. Damage structure: harmful blue light with high energy can penetrate the lens and reach the retina, causing atrophy and even death of retinal pigment epithelium cells. The death of photosensitive cells will lead to the loss of vision, which is irreversible. Blue light can also cause macular lesions. The lens in human eyes can absorb part of the blue light and gradually become turbid to form cataract. Most of the blue light will penetrate the lens, especially in children. The lens is clear and can not effectively resist the blue light, which is more likely to cause macular disease and cataract.

2. Asthenopia: due to the short wavelength of blue light, the focus is not on the center of the retina, but on a point closer to the retina. Want to see clearly, eyeball is in tense state for a long time, cause eyestrain. Long time visual fatigue may lead to people's myopia deepening, diplopia, reading easy serial, attention can not concentrate and other symptoms, affect people's learning and work efficiency.

3. Poor sleep: blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which is an important hormone affecting sleep. At present, its known role is to promote sleep and adjust jet lag. This can also explain why playing with a mobile phone or tablet computer before bedtime can lead to poor sleep quality and even difficulty falling asleep.