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Who is Feng Quan in the golden pupil? What is the final outcome of Feng Quan

With expectation, the TV drama "golden pupil" starred by Zhang Yixing was finally broadcast. In the beginning of the episode, Zhang Yixing played the male host Zhuang Rui, which turned a large number of fans into sour lemonade. It's so enviable to walk around and earn millions every minute. It's great to have golden pupil, but this golden pupil has something to do with two people in the play, Qi Yuan and Feng Quan. Who are Qi Yuan and Feng Quan? What is the final outcome of Feng Quan?

What is the relationship between Jintong Qiyuan and Feng Quan

In golden pupil, Qi Yuan is a subordinate of Feng Quan.

Zhuang Rui learned about Feng Quan's story from Uncle De, and went to his hometown Gansu. So he was very interested, so he wanted to go and find out. He happened to meet a grave robber here. However, Zhuang Rui was also here and got some news about Feng Quan and Qi Yuan.

Zhuang Rui, together with Professor Miao Feifei, went down to the tomb. After a lifetime of dying, he found the coffin of Feng Quan, found the burial objects about Feng Quan, and got a rolling curtain, which recorded the biography of Feng Sheng. It turns out that Feng Quan is called Feng Sheng, and Qi Yuan is his subordinate and fan brother. He adores Feng Quan and has a pair of insight, and he also wants it.

What is the outcome of golden pupil Feng Quan

In the end, Feng Quan was taken away by heaven and lived in poverty.

Feng Quan's results were not so good. Zhuang Rui later took a picture of this rolling curtain and found a way to open his eyes. Finally, Feng Quan described his own experience. Don't be greedy. I'm afraid you'll regret later. Zhuang Rui opened his eyes and saw the last period of Feng Quan's previous life.

As a matter of fact, Feng Quan was originally a very good man. After he was given insight by turtle spirit, his life changed dramatically. He became obsessed with money, and his mind was engulfed by money. He was just a face possessed by demons. Later, he was taken away by God and lived in poverty.

This is what Zhuang Rui can't see in the short curtain. At the end of the novel, Zhuang Rui becomes a winner in life, which also proves that he can use this pair of golden pupils properly. He is a real man of choice.