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Do I need to go to the new car? Can I find someone to handle the new car

now many families have a car, and the car has entered thousands of households. But do you need to go to the new car in person? Can you find someone to handle the new car? Let's take a look at it.

it's not necessary. You can ask someone to represent you, or you can entrust the car dealer to get the license plate, but you need your authorized signature.

Article 7 of the provisions on the registration of motor vehicles stipulates that the owner of a motor vehicle shall fill in the application form, hand in the motor vehicle for examination, and submit the following certificates and certificates:

(1) Identification of the owner of the motor vehicle;

(2) Proof of origin of motor vehicle such as purchase invoice;

(3) The factory certificate of the whole motor vehicle or the import certificate of the imported motor vehicle;

(4) Tax payment certificate or tax exemption certificate of vehicle purchase tax;

(5) Compulsory insurance certificate of motor vehicle traffic accident liability;

(6) Certificate of tax payment or exemption from vehicle and vessel tax;

(7) Other certificates and certificates required by laws and administrative regulations to be submitted at the time of motor vehicle registration.

Extended data:

If a motor vehicle has not been registered and needs to be operated temporarily within its own administrative area according to the provisions on registration of motor vehicles, a temporary license plate with a valid period of no more than 15 days shall be issued; if it is necessary to drive temporarily across administrative districts, a temporary license plate with a validity period of no more than 30 days shall be issued. If the owner of a motor vehicle needs to apply for the number plate of a temporary driving vehicle for several times, the vehicle management office shall issue the number plate of the temporary driving vehicle no more than three times.