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How to charge for flexible employment endowment insurance? Charging standard of Hebei flexible emplo

With the aggravation of the aging of the population, providing for the aged is always the most concerned problem of the people, and it is also a problem that the country attaches great importance to. This year, the state has made great adjustments to social security, especially the social security is included in the tax and collected by the tax bureau. So how to charge for flexible employment pension insurance? Let's understand the charging standard of Hebei flexible employment endowment insurance in 2019.

According to the current situation, the charging standard of local flexible employment endowment insurance is 60% and 100%. The 60% payment is 502.6 yuan per month, and the 100% payment is about 850 per month. The retirement age of female is 55 years old and that of male is 60 years old. Our local flexible employment pension insurance charges belong to the local tax department, which can be paid directly to the local tax department or to the collection bank designated by the local tax department. Bank payment is the most convenient, binding bank card, each month the bank automatically deduct fees, saving you every month from the bank payment time, very convenient.

If the flexible employment pension insurance is paid at 60% now, it can get about 1700 retirement wages every month after 15 years' retirement. If the payment of 100% payment is enough to retire after 15 years, it can get about 2700 salary every month. The policy of flexible employment endowment insurance is to pay more and pay more. If conditions permit, you can choose to pay 100% of the payment. When you retire, your salary will be higher. In the past, the local social security bureau was responsible for the management of endowment insurance payment of flexible employees. By 2019, it is likely that the National Taxation Bureau will take over the charging rights of the Social Security Bureau. Then, the endowment insurance payment of flexible employees should be paid by the National Taxation Bureau.

To put it bluntly, the pension is only a basic living security for retirees, which is only basic. And in the future, it seems to me that the delay in retirement age and the delay in the number of years to pay will be a certainty. Therefore, it is suggested to pay the endowment insurance as soon as possible, even if the payment is not made after 15 years, at least there is more room for oneself to leave than to start paying again 15 years before retirement.

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