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What are the best mobile phone processors? Mobile phone processor rankings in 2019

At present, all kinds of mobile phone products are updated very fast. It is absolutely impossible to follow the update speed. Therefore, it is better to choose a good mobile phone carefully, and the operation of the mobile phone depends on the processor of the mobile phone. So let's sort out the mobile phone processor ranking list in 2019 and have a look.

10. High pass snapdragon 670

Representative mobile phone: oppo R17

Qualcomm snapdragon 670 is a CPU chip produced in March 2018. At present, oppo R17 and vivo x23 mobile phones use this chip, because the kyro 360 architecture adopted by the snapdragon 670 is consistent with that of the snapdragon 845, which also brings about stronger performance, 15% higher than the previous generation snapdragon 660. In terms of GPU, the snapdragon 670 integrates Adreno 615, which improves the performance by 35% compared with the Adreno 512 carried by the previous generation of snapdragon 660.

9. High pass snapdragon 821

Representative mobile phone: Xiaomi 5

The main frequency of snapdragon 821 is 2.4GHz, the main frequency of small core is 2GHz, and the main frequency of GPU is 650MHz. Compared with the previous generation of snapdragon 820, the performance of snapdragon 821 is improved by 10% and GPU by 5%. Because of the serious fever, the practical application of Xiaolong 821 is worse than that of Xiaolong 820

8. High pass snapdragon 710

Representative mobile phone: nut Pro 2S

The new product is positioned as a high-end secondary flagship. The CPU adopts 2-core + 6-core design, GPU is Adreno 616, supports x15 baseband, 4 & times; MI is reproduced from Pepsi Mo, with a maximum downlink speed of 800Mbps. Meanwhile, the snapdragon 710 also has twice the AI performance improvement. Reprinted from PepsiCo

7. Apple A10

Representative mobile phone: Apple iPhone 7 / plus

A10 has obvious advantages in CPU computing. This time, the A10 processor is the first time Apple has adopted a four core processor architecture, with the highest frequency of 2.37ghz, which is about 25% higher than the previous generation of dual core A9 processor (1.85ghz).

6. Qualcomm snapdragon 835 (msm8998)

Representative mobile phone: one plus 5T

Snapdragon 835 (SOC part) is built by Samsung 10nm FinFET process. Compared with the previous generation of 14nm FinFET, the new process can reduce chip area by 30%, and achieve 27% performance improvement or 40% power reduction. For snapdragon 835, the chip size of SOC is smaller, which allows OEM manufacturers to put more modules or increase batteries.

5. Haisi Qilin 970

Representative mobile phone: glory note10

Kirin 970 chip is a new generation chip which adopts TSMC 10 nm technology. It is the world's first AI computing platform with built-in independent NPU (neural network unit). 970 has low power consumption and can meet the needs of long-term daily use.

4. Apple a11

Representative mobile phone: Apple iPhone x

On chip 10, Apple introduced the so-called 'fusion' technology. The CPU adopts a new four core design, with two high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores. High and low energy efficiency cores can achieve ideal performance and energy performance according to different needs. Among them, the energy-efficient kernel is used to deal with intensive heavy tasks, improve processing speed and ensure performance. The high energy-efficient kernel is applied to daily affairs and runs with low energy consumption, so as to improve the battery life and enjoy longer single charge duration.

3. High pass snapdragon 845

Representative mobile phone: Rog game phone

The snapdragon 845 is built by Samsung 10nm LPP process, upgraded to kryo 385 core, and it is still an eight core architecture. The highest frequency of four large cores can reach 2.8GhZ, with performance improvement of 25% - 30%; the frequency of four small cores can reach 1.8GHz, with performance improvement of 15%.

2. Kirin 980

Representative mobile phone: Huawei mate 20 series

This processor has created the first in many aspects, such as the first cortex-a76 CPU core, mali-g76 GPU core, lpddr4x-2133 memory, dual NPU, etc., with many highlights. Compared with the snapdragon 845, Qilin 980, which has the generation difference advantage, has no doubt crushed the snapdragon 845 in terms of CPU, GPU, AI and other performance and energy efficiency, leading by more than 30%.

1. Apple A12

Representative mobile phone: Apple iPhone XS

The latest chip of "a17nm" is the first in the world. A12 has not only CPU, but also graphic processor, neural network engine, image signal processor, depth engine, security barrier, video processor, video encoder, storage controller and so on.