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How to charge Xiaomi sports watch? How long does Xiaomi Bracelet charge

Xiaomi is a well-known technology brand in China, and its influence is equal to that of Huawei and Lenovo. Because the sales of Xiaomi mobile phone and Xiaomi computer remain high in China. Today, Xiaobian specially recommends a new type of electronic product, namely Xiaomi bracelet. How to charge Xiaomi sports watch? How long does Xiaomi Bracelet charge?

1、 How long does Xiaomi Bracelet charge

Under normal circumstances, millet Bracelet only needs to be charged for about 3 hours, and once filled, it can let you use for 30 days. Of course, the premise is that you don't always play with it, because the power consumption of the bracelet is vibration or when the display screen is turned on, which is also very power consuming. Maybe you will consume all the power in 20 days.

2、 How is Xiaomi Bracelet unable to charge

For such things, we must be very upset, even think that the bracelet is broken. In fact, this is not the case. When the bracelet is charged, the indicator light will be on. If the indicator light is not on, it may be that the USB contact is wrong or the plug is faulty. We suggest that you can replace the charging cable or re open your bracelet.

3、 How to use Xiaomi Bracelet

When you use Xiaomi bracelet, you need to download a Xiaomi app on your mobile phone. Then register, bind and set information. After connecting with Xiaomi Bracelet successfully, all the body information monitored by Xiaomi bracelet will be displayed on the mobile app one by one. At this time, we only need to carry out according to their own sports needs, practical and simple, properly make your sports life more convenient.