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What's the penalty for tiktok? What is the TikTok International Edition punished?

Tiktok tiktok international version of the penalty is what? Is it true that the international version of jitter is really a lot? Many of the buddies are still not sure. Let's take a look at it with the Xiaobian.

What's the penalty for tiktok?

February 28th, according to foreign media reports, short video and social media application international version of TikTok, formerly known as "tiktok" )Agreed to pay $5.7 million in fines and settle with the federal regulator FTC, which is accused of illegally collecting children's personal information.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges In violation of a law that requires parents' consent for websites and online services for children before collecting personal information about children under the age of 13. The FTC said it was the largest civil fine imposed by the Commission in the child privacy case.

According to US regulators, Knowing that there are children among users, but not consulting parents' consent before collecting user data. Users need to provide an email address, phone number, name, short autobiography and a photo when registering for an account in the app.

In addition, under the settlement agreement with FTC, tiktok will launch a separate application for young users in the United States to enhance security and privacy protection.

According to the FTC press release, more than 200 million users worldwide have downloaded them since 2014 App, of which 65 million users are registered in the United States.

In November 2017, byte beat acquired , August 2018, tiktok and Formal merger. TikTok is TikTok International Edition.