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How to solve the problem of infertility

Children are very important for a family. Families with children will become warm and harmonious. Unless they are dinks, few couples don't want a lively and lovely child around them. If you have a child, you can still be happy when you are old. But pregnancy is not a simple thing for everyone. Because some people will be infertile for some reasons, then what to do if they are infertile.

The most important thing is the mentality. Don't let pregnancy press on your heart like a mountain. Even if pregnancy is really important, don't give up your work, study and communicate for the sake of pregnancy. If you give up all your personal life and only think about pregnancy, it will be the opposite. Keep a good attitude and don't give yourself or your partner a lot of pressure. This kind of thing is inseparable. Just having pressure all the time doesn't help.

First of all, we should eat less or no raw, cold, greasy, spicy and stimulating food in our daily life. In summer, it is hot. Many people like the ice cream or cold drink just taken out of the refrigerator, which will bring great burden to the body, especially cause or aggravate the palace cold of women, which is not conducive to pregnancy.

More vitamin C and vitamin E, more green vegetables and fresh fruits. It's also very wrong for many women to only eat fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight and keep fit. They usually need to pay attention to protein supplement, eggs and meat.

Don't smoke or drink alcohol. Harmful substances in tobacco and alcohol will bring great obstacles to pregnancy. Don't drink coffee, milk tea and functional drinks all the time. Drinking more water is the best way to get rid of toxins in your body. Add a small amount of salt into the water and drink light salt water.