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How much money can you get after endowment insurance? Can the old-age pension continue to receive af

the amount of pension is related to the level of our living standard after retirement, and news about pension deficit also appears from time to time. Therefore, people are very concerned about the direction of the pension and how long it can be paid back. Many people ask how much money can be collected after endowment insurance? Can the old-age pension continue to receive after the death of the insured? Let's have a look.

There are two parts of your endowment insurance premium:

The endowment insurance payment of the staff and workers is jointly paid by the unit and the individual according to different proportions. According to the current regulations, enterprises bear 19% and individuals 8%. So what about the endowment insurance premiums you paid?

First of all, the part of personal payment directly into your personal account for accumulation, and will generate a certain amount of interest. When you retire, you can get the pension from your personal account; secondly, the part of the unit's contribution goes into the local government's pooling fund, which is used to distribute to the current retired elderly.

So it's easy to understand that after we retire, our pension also consists of two parts: basic pension and personal account pension.

Basic pension = [average monthly wage of employees in the city in the previous year when retiring; (1 + average wage contribution index)] & divide; 2 & times; my total payment years (length of service) & times; 1%; individual pension = personal pension account / 139.

How much pension can you get after retirement?

The social security system and pension accounting rules are relatively complex, coupled with the continuous changes in the payment base, inflation rate, social average wage and policies, it is impossible to accurately calculate how much pension can be received in the future. But we can make a simple understanding of the current data:

Suppose you retire at the age of 60, and the local average social wage of last year was 5000 yuan. You have paid social security for 30 years, of which the personal contribution has accumulated to 100000 yuan. The average contribution index is 0.6. Then, the basic pension = (5000 yuan + 5000 yuan * 0.6) / 2 * 30 * 1% = 1200 yuan. Personal account pension = 100000 yuan / 139 = 719.42 yuan, the sum of the two items is the amount of pension received each month.

Although the calculation of pension is more complex, but from the perspective of individual account pension accounting, it will take 139 months, nearly 72 years old, to collect all the personal expenses after retirement at the age of 60.

After the death of the insured, can pension still be received?

It means that the average life expectancy of people in China is about 76 years old. So many people began to worry that if the insured died early, would it not be the loss of this money? Is it possible to start receiving pension immediately after reaching the 15 year payment deadline?

This way is not feasible. According to the social insurance law of our country, in addition to the condition of "accumulated payment of more than 15 years", the pension must also meet the requirement of "reaching the legal retirement age".

After the insured has passed away, the unit payment part of the overall account is now transferred to public finance. However, there are three sums of money that family members can get from social security

The first, the insured's personal account balance. The Social Security Bureau will hand over the unclaimed part of the personal account to the legal successor;

The second is funeral grants. The subsidy standard varies from place to place and is generally calculated by the local average wage;

In the third case, relatives who meet the conditions of support can receive a pension.

Through the above three points of pension introduced by Xi Caijun, we should have a better understanding of the components of pension. At the same time, according to the pension calculation formula, we can roughly estimate how much pension can be received after retirement. In addition, in view of the death of the insured, how to deal with the pension, the state also has relevant provisions, it is necessary to understand clearly.