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What are the benefits of moxa leaf and ginger feet

Foot soaking is something many people like to do. It is very helpful to relieve all aspects of the body. In fact, it is also possible to add some auxiliary drugs when soaking feet, which is also very good for the body. So what are the benefits of Artemisia argyi and ginger soaking feet?

Benefits of soaking feet with Artemisia argyi and ginger

Benefit one

Mugwort, also known as wormwood, is a perennial plant, as early as the book of songs. Artemisia argyi is already a very important plant for people's livelihood. Wormwood leaves have a strong aroma. Besides, the southern Dragon Boat Festival is used to hang on the gate. There is also a mild smell that can be eaten. Moyeweixin, bitter, warm nature; return to the spleen, liver, kidney meridians; fragrant Wensan, can rise or fall; has the effect of warming meridian, hemostasis, dispersing cold and pain, reducing dampness and killing insects: moxa leaf soaking feet can also well dispel cold and dampness and lower liver fire. In addition, Artemisia argyi has medicinal value, with antibacterial, antiasthmatic, cholagogic, hemostatic and other effects.

Benefit two

Moxa leaf soak feet can expel cold in winter and regulate Yin and Yang with twelve meridians. To virtual fire, cold fire, can treat oral ulcer, periodontitis, gingivitis, otitis media and other head and face repeated attacks of these virtual fire cold fire related diseases. Fire down.

Benefit 3

Using ginger to soak feet can effectively prevent and alleviate the following diseases: cold, headache, oral ulcer, periodontitis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, waist pain, aphthous sores and mental weakness.

The advantages of soaking feet

1. Security. 2. No pain. 3. No toxic side effects. 4. Cheap. 5. Effective. It is often said that "washing feet in spring, rising sun and fixing off.". Foot washing in summer can dispel dampness. Wash your feet in autumn and moisten your lungs. If you wash your feet in winter, the field will be warm. 6. Convenient. 7. Comfortable.

What is the time requirement of foot soaking

How long is the best time to soak feet each time: generally more than 30 minutes, but for example, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, chronic hypertension, etc. should be appropriately prolonged. The specific time of each time also needs to be adjusted gradually according to the age, gender, disease condition, etc. of the foot seeker and the feeling after the foot bath.

What are the requirements for frequency and period of time

How many times a day

If the general health care bubble feet, once a day can; if suffering from a disease at least 2 times a day.

When is the best time to soak your feet every day

For example, twice, usually once at 10 o'clock in the morning and once before going to bed at night, because soaking feet before going to bed is good for eliminating fatigue. It can make people sleep sweeter and easier to enter the state of "turning over the bed and never hearing the bell and drum again". It is widely known that "three hundred steps after a meal, a pot of soup before going to bed" and "washing feet before going to bed are better than taking tonics.".

How much is the amount of pickled feet with wormwood leaf and ginger

Soak a small handful of mugwort leaves and soak their feet or take a quarter of the pure moxa sticks made of pure mugwort leaves. Tear them and put them into the bubble feet bucket. Then add ginger and soak them in boiling water for a while. After the wormwood leaves are soaked, some warm water is OK. Isn't it very simple? At home, you can make them by yourself, as long as you have prepared the Wormwood Leaves and ginger.

When soaking, you need to pay attention to the whole body slightly sweating to be effective, but can't sweat a lot, and then drink some warm water, generally continuous bubble 2-3 times, but not every day, should bubble like this every other day. After soaking, at the same time to drink warm water, do not eat cold food, pay attention to rest, these due to virtual fire, cold fire caused by the head, face, throat discomfort will obviously improve or disappear, and also for you to drive away the cold.

Conclusion: I would like to talk about it here. Ginger and Artemisia argyi leaf combined with soaking feet can effectively remove the body cold, the role of health care is extremely obvious. In addition, when you soak your feet, you can also add other traditional Chinese medicine, which is good for treating some foot diseases, such as tinea pedis, itchy foot skin, etc.