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Which bank financial products yield high? Which bank to choose for financial management

At the beginning of 2019, the central bank implemented the RRR reduction, the liquidity of funds tended to be relaxed, and the bank's financial management yield declined. According to the third-party data, in January 2019, the average annualized income of bank principal guaranteed financial management was 4%, and that of non capital guaranteed financial management was 4.5%. So, which bank's financial products yield the highest? Let's take you to know.

According to the third-party data, nine of the top ten banks are urban commercial banks, and one is a joint-stock commercial bank (Bohai bank). Among the top 20 banks, four are joint-stock commercial banks (Bohai bank, Zheshang Bank, Huaxia Bank and Hengfeng bank), and the remaining 16 are urban commercial banks.

Most city commercial banks only have business outlets in the local area, so it may not be convenient to purchase offline. However, some city commercial banks open direct bank app or Internet sales channels, so it is more appropriate to purchase their financial products online, such as bank selection of Jingdong finance.

If investors can buy a wide range of commercial bank outlets, they can easily buy them.

According to the data in January, the average annualized income of financial products of Bohai bank is about 4.76%, that of Zheshang Bank is about 4.7%, that of Huaxia Bank is about 4.65%, and that of Hengfeng bank is about 4.63%.

Among several state-owned banks, China Construction Bank has the highest average income of financial products, reaching 4.28%, followed by Bank of Communications (4.26%), and finally industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China, with an average annual income of 3.8% - 4.2%.

Well, that's all about the ranking of bank financing income. I hope it can help you. Warm tips, investment risks, financial management should be cautious.