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Does eating scallion harm human body? What is the harm of scallion to the body

Green onion, we usually eat a kind of food materials, green onion contains human body trace elements, but blind to eat green onion can bring harm to the body, eating green onion is harmful to human body? What harm does green onion have to the body? Let's see.

What harm does green onion have to the body?

The ancients used to say that honey and green onion can't be eaten at the same time.

They can produce harmful substances to the human body, which is uncomfortable, causing diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Scallion and chicken, dog meat together can cause fire, especially in patients with rhinitis can cause nosebleed is aggravating. Physical discomfort in the drug treatment should also pay attention to see whether the drug and green onion resistance, clear the drug. It should also be noted that the green onion has irritation, which will affect the eyes, so it is better not to eat scallion for patients with poor vision.

Green onion has an effect on the absorption of vitamins in the body.

So it's better not to eat scallion for children who are growing up. We all know that scallion has a certain pungent smell. I don't know if you have noticed that when you cut the green onion, your eyes will be very comfortable, and even you will cry. For patients with gastrointestinal disease, do not eat scallion, it will stimulate the body's gastric mucosa, make the disease worse. In particular, if you have social activities, do not eat scallion, the taste will stay in your mouth for a long time, can not disperse. Influence your influence.

Green onion is an essential seasoning in our life, a kind of food to improve the taste.

&#It has a lot of advantages, but also in this immeasurable disadvantage, causing trouble to the human body. So when eating green onions should not be excessive, but also pay attention to when you can eat, eat will have any impact. Now you know, green onion has a high nutritional value, excessive will be counterproductive, so please pay attention to the amount of food.