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Where is food circulation license handled? Process of food circulation certificate

where is the food circulation license handled now? How about the process of food circulation certificate? The following small compilation of relevant knowledge, take you to understand the food circulation certificate processing process list.

process of food circulation certificate:

1、 Application:

1。 Business operators shall submit the following application forms to the administrative department of industry and Commerce for approval in advance.

2。 Use of business premises: determine the fixed business location, sign a lease agreement with the landlord (the landlord provides the property certificate), and leave a copy of the property certificate

3. Copies of ID cards of the person in charge and the food safety management personnel (the person in charge and the food safety management personnel should be the operators themselves, which can be set up separately in large enterprises)

4。 List of operating equipment and tools for food industry

5. Layout of commercial facilities suitable for food enterprises.

6. Food management and food safety management system

7。 Other materials required by the food and drug administration.

2、 Acceptance: the market supervision and administration institution shall examine the application materials and make the acceptance decision according to the requirements. The acceptor is responsible for accepting the license application submitted by the applicant, examining whether the application materials are complete and conform to the legal form, and signing the acceptance opinions.

3、 Audit: after acceptance, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of each district bureau shall assign personnel to conduct data and on-site audit in accordance with the food safety law of the people's Republic of China, the implementation regulations of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China, and the administrative measures for food circulation license. The qualified personnel shall sign the on-site examination form, and submit the on-site examination form to the qualified personnel for on-site review, and sign the on-site examination form. The acceptance personnel and the auditor shall not be the same person.

4、 Approval: the market supervision and Administration Bureau of each regional bureau shall make an examination and approval decision on the approval (or disapproval) of the administrative license according to the examination and approval results. The examiner shall review all license information submitted for approval and sign approval opinions. If the applicant decides to approve, he / she shall sign in the approval comments column of the application submitted by the applicant for examination. The materials submitted by the applicant are complete and conform to the legal form and application conditions. In line with the provisions of Article 27, items 1 to 4 of the food safety law and food circulation license. permission.

5、 License issue: if the approval decision is made and the food circulation license is issued, the food circulation license shall be issued. When issuing a certificate, the issuer shall examine the notice and ID card of the addressee and issue it after verification. The license information provided by the food circulation license management system shall be true, complete, accurate and timely.