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How to make a small a bigger C? Let's see here

In today's era of "big chest is beautiful", although many girls only have flat airport, they are unwilling to say that flat chest is more convenient to wear. But it's more powerful to have a chest. Of course, it will be more attractive to the opposite sex. After all, platonic love is very rare.

In fact, there is a big difference in the size of a girl's chest. As the saying goes, a girl's weight is either flat or short. Indeed, once a fat girl becomes thin, the first obvious part is the chest. Because, the chest contains a lot of fat. So it's a big problem to get bigger breasts and keep good shape.

Next, the editor will teach you how to change the airport and how to effectively enlarge your chest. First of all, massage is used. The first step is to push directly under the clavicle, gently and evenly to the root of the breast. The second step is to push the breast laterally and push the left and right breast laterally.

There are also physical exercises to strengthen the exercise of the chest, do more chest expansion exercise, promote the development of the pectoralis major muscle, and make the breast fuller. At ordinary times, keep your chest up and your abdomen closed. You can also take part in swimming to make your breasts stronger.

Of course, you can also use food therapy, such as papaya, peanuts and other food is breast enhancement. You can usually eat papaya milk. We can also massage the breasts with hot compress, apply the breasts on both sides with hot towel before going to bed every night. In addition, massage can achieve breast augmentation effect. Of course, if none of the above methods work for you, don't worry, because after a woman has a baby, her chest will undergo secondary development. Well, that's all for Xiaobian's sharing today.