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How to complain about meituan takeout? Meituan takeaway customer service complaint hotline

When we order takeout through meituan, we will ride bicycles to deliver the takeaway to our designated place. If the rider has a bad attitude or is late on purpose, we can complain to meituan. So how to make specific complaints? How many complaints about meituan takeout? Let's find out.

1. First of all, if you want to log in to the meituan app, if you want to log in to the meituan app.

2. After logging in meituan account successfully, you can go to meituan's my page, and then click the customer service center button.

3. Then click the feedback button at the bottom of the customer service center page.

4. The 'feedback questions' page will pop up. Then we can select the takeaway question in the related questions, and then fill in some questions about riders in the question Description column. If there is a voucher, it is better to upload the voucher, and then click the submit application button to complete the relevant complaint.

5. If players know the work phone number of meituan customer service personnel, they can also call directly to complain. If you don't know, you can open online customer service, and then input 'customer service phone' on the online customer service page.

After sending, the page will push a link, in this link, we will see the meituan customer service call, and then call the phone to complain.