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Detailed procedures and steps of the first flight what are the precautions for flying

Do you remember the unforgettable experience of flying for the first time? For the first time, many people are worried because they don't know the detailed process of flying. The heart must be calm, if not, you can ask the staff at any time. So how to take a plane for the first time? What is the process of taking a plane? Follow to learn about it.

1、 Flight process

1. To the airport

You should pay attention to the time, because the airline stipulates that check-in should be stopped 30 minutes before departure, so you'd better arrive at the airport one hour before departure. If it is the first time to fly, for the sake of safety, it is better to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, in case of accidents!

2. Check in

Check in is to change your boarding pass. Look at the counter where your flight is handled. The airport has a display screen to tell you which flight is at which counter. Find the corresponding counter and give the ticket and ID card to the airport check-in staff. Check in ticket, check-in ticket, check-in baggage will not be returned to passengers, if there is a check-in ticket, check-in baggage will be free of charge, if you check-in ticket, baggage check-in ticket will be returned to passengers.

3. Security check

To the security check channel, there is a security check counter at the entrance. You give the passenger coupon, boarding pass and ID card of the ticket to the security inspector, who will seal the boarding pass if there is no problem. Then go through the security gate, take your belongings through the X-ray machine next to the security gate, and you have to pass through the security gate yourself. We'll go into the terminal when the security check is OK.

4. Waiting

After passing the security check, look at your boarding pass. It will indicate which gate your flight is boarding at. Find the terminal corresponding to the gate. The gate number is in the waiting hall. The location of each waiting hall will be displayed on the airport display screen. If you are not clear, you can ask the airport service personnel. Find the waiting hall and rest there, waiting for the announcement of boarding. If you smoke, you can smoke in the smoking room. Remember to listen to the radio.

5. Boarding

After hearing the boarding broadcast, the service personnel will tear the boarding pass at the boarding gate. You will go to the gate and give the boarding pass to the service personnel. The service personnel will tear a small piece of the boarding pass from the boarding pass, and the rest will be returned to you. You can go on the plane with the boarding pass.

6. Find the location on the plane

Your position is indicated on the boarding pass, such as 5D, 11C and so on. The number of seats in each row is a, B, C, D, e, F & hellip; row. The seat number on the plane is marked on the bulkhead (above the seat) where the luggage is placed. Find your seat, sit down, buckle your seat belt and turn off your cell phone before takeoff.

7. Meals

During flight, free drinks are distributed by airlines, and free meals will be provided for long-distance Airlines during meal time (just a box lunch, which is not delicious and the quantity is small), and snacks will be sent on short routes.

8. Arrive

When the plane arrives at the destination, if you have checked in your luggage, remember to pick it up. There will be a place to pick up your luggage on the way to the exit.

2、 Flight procedures

1. Take your ticket and ID card to the designated counter (usually you can see a large screen when you enter the waiting hall, which shows the corresponding counter number of each flight) and hand it to the check-in staff. She (he) will change your boarding pass and ask if you have any luggage to check in. Remember that there should be at least three kinds of things taken back: ID card, air ticket and boarding pass!

2. Buy insurance (20 yuan, not compulsory, depending on personal needs).

3. Security check: three things need to be provided here: ID card, air ticket and boarding pass.

4. Go to the designated gate and wait for the plane. Pay attention to the announcement. The gate number is indicated on the boarding pass.

3、 Precautions for flying

1. Be sure to complete the formalities half an hour before the plane takes off. Therefore, it is better to arrive at the airport in advance according to the situation, especially when there are a lot of golden week and Spring Festival transportation. Some airports are very strict. When it's time, they are not allowed to do it, such as Beijing airport.

2. If you like the window seat, you can ask the check-in staff to arrange a window seat for you when you change your boarding pass. Generally, there is no problem, unless you go late and the seat is arranged for others.

3. When checking in your luggage, some airports will charge an insurance premium of about 10 yuan, such as Fuzhou airport; if your luggage is not locked, some airports will force you to spend 5 yuan to buy a small lock, such as Guangzhou airport.

4. It's better to leave the knife in your luggage, or 90% of it will be confiscated. In addition, small animals can not be brought on the plane, but also need quarantine certificate for shipment, which is more troublesome. Potted plants, flowers can be.

5. The check-in voucher is usually pasted on the ticket. After arriving and taking out the luggage, the staff will check whether the check-in voucher corresponds to the label on the luggage. Be careful not to take someone else's and lose your own.