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What do you mean by cue? The meaning of being called and called

'cue' is a common network catchword. We often see the word 'cue' on Weibo, so what does it mean?

As a network language, the word is an English word, which means to prompt, give someone... Hint, clue. It is often used in variety shows. It is usually used to "cue" or "who" to "cue". Its meaning generally refers to asking the other party to answer the call and transfer the performance.

The usage of this word is directly derived from the meaning and usage of the English word 'cue'. As for the popularity of Internet language, it is entirely determined by the popularity of variety shows in recent years. Some words with high frequency in the original program have been spread as Internet stems.

After the word became popular, it was more commonly used as a rice circle. In addition, as a daily network language, it means to be called and called.

Moreover, Taiwanese often say this word. For example, the term "cue" is a term used when a TV station records a program, and the host designates a guest to speak, or alludes to the audience's response.

In the voice of the broadcasting guide, the word can be heard in the earphone, which also indicates that the host or on-site staff should pay attention to the following key pictures or themes, so it is not necessarily used in human aspects.

However, most people also use the word cue, which is often used when chatting with friends. Sometimes it has the meaning of "taking your seat according to the number". For example, a insinuates that B is a guy who steals food and doesn't wipe his mouth. B can say "what's the matter, cue, I've got it!". There are usually "hints" or "designations". The common usage of objects is often mentioned in our daily life.