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How to handle the second birth certificate? What procedures do you need for a second child permit

The second child certificate refers to the valid legal certificate approved by the local family planning department in accordance with the legal procedures when the couple in line with the policy applies for a second child. So how to handle the second child permit? What procedures do you need for a second child permit? Let's have a look.

application process of second birth permit:

1, registered residence registered with the village where the woman's residence is registered, receive the "rebirth birth certificate application form" and fill in all the columns specified in the form, sign the name, and attach a picture of the one inch crown without the crown, and submit the application form to the two sides' units (no work unit sends their registered residence to the village or neighborhood committee) to verify and seal the application.

2, with the marriage certificate, registered residence book and the signature and seal of the two villages (residence) committees or units, the application for birth and approval form of the rebirth and birth certificate shall be examined by the people's Government of the township, town, the neighborhood office and the population and family planning administrative organ.

3. The registered residence of the township (town) people's government and the suburban offices of the woman's domicile shall, after receipt of the signed application of the rebirth birth certificate and approval form by the village committee or unit, verify the applicant's status and whether the announcement is published or not, and submit it to the county level population and family planning administrative departments, and the approval of the population and family planning administrative departments at the county level shall be made within 20 working days. 。

4. For couples who are both farmers, the application for having a second child shall be examined and approved by the township (town) population and family planning administrative organ with the consent of the county-level population and family planning department, and shall be approved and issued by the township (town) population and family planning institution. Need to pay attention to is, to deal with a good second birth permit, in order to get pregnant. With regard to the regulations on the application for the birth permit for a single second child, only after the relevant policies on "single second child" have been officially promulgated by the province where they live, the "single" couple can apply for the second birth permit. When applying for the certificate, it is necessary to provide the certificate of the only child, the household registration of the only child's parents and the ID card of one of them, and two 1-inch registration photos of the mother.