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What kind of cars are around 100000 yuan? Which car is better about 100000 yuan

For young people who have just entered the society, the first car will generally choose about 100000 yuan. Just in and out of the society, there is not much money saved. A car with 100000 yuan can also be used as a walking tool. Which one is better for a car with 100000 yuan. Let's have a look.

10. Jetta

Jetta, as an old brand, is deeply loved by the public! It is very suitable for the working class, and it has low fuel consumption and is very fuel-efficient. It will not break down basically. The new Jetta has a good appearance design, strong lines, simple and practical interior, and high cost performance.

9. Santana

Santana, an old brand, is not willing to lag behind. The new Santana also has a new look. Its appearance design is very good, and the maintenance is convenient and the cost is low. The fuel consumption per 100 km is 6-7, which is very economical.

8. Chang'an cs35

Chang'an cs35, the appearance of this car is very aggressive! It looks very powerful, very sporty! The acceleration on the road is fast, and the safety performance is very good. The only problem is that the rear seats can't be lowered. The noise is a little loud! The fuel consumption is about 8.

7. BYD S6

BYD S6, the appearance of the car is very good, it looks very grand. The configuration is very high at this price. It is a 5-star collision car, and the technology is very good. The disadvantages are that the rear seats can't be laid down and the fuel consumption is too high! The imitation is too strong!

6. Rongwei 350

As the first self owned brand in China, Roewe 350 has attracted the attention of the industry and the market as soon as it is launched. Its rich mobile Internet applications are even more popular with many young car owners.

5. Mazda 3 star gallop

In terms of appearance design, compared with wing God and Cruz, Mazda 3-star Gallo has a very harmonious proportion in both the two compartment and the three compartment shape design, especially the front face adopts the latest family style design.

4. Zhonghua h530

Its biggest selling point is the spacious riding space brought by the 2700 mm wheelbase of the same model. At the same time, its body length and height is even greater than the current model of the medium-sized car Junjie. In terms of appearance

3. GAC motor GS4

The price of GAC motor GS4 is 98800-157800. It is an international design team led by international famous automobile design master Peter & middot; Hobley, which has been building an Internet boutique SUV for three and a half years


After the change, the Xuanyi style has more or less the shadow of its big brother Tianlai, which gives people an image of caring for their families. Although Langyi has been upgraded a lot, its appearance design still continues the public's' dolls' technique.

1. Carola

Radical, sharp and sporty are the key words for the appearance of the new corolla Travel Edition. Both the front and rear of the car are trying to show murderous spirit. Compared with the old model, the new car's aura has been upgraded by more than one level.