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How to improve facial sores? These little methods will certainly help you

Sores are masses on the skin that cause skin ulceration. Acne is a very common chronic skin disease, which has a great influence on the facial beauty of patients. It is generally born on the face of teenagers, and has a great influence on their psychological and social communication. However, many teenagers tend to be able to self-healing or alleviating in adulthood.

The reason of sore formation is generally due to the exuberant secretion of sebum, which leads to hair follicle blockage, bacterial infection and concurrent inflammation, etc. Generally, the increase of hormone in the body causes excessive sebum production. So, how to improve facial acne?

First of all, first of all, we should adjust our mentality. Don't feel inferior because of these problems. Inferiority will affect our mood, lead to more hormone secretion and aggravate our illness.

Second, always wash your face every day, do not use cleanser, because there are too many chemicals in cleanser. Many sores are caused by chemical contamination of the face. So wash your face with water.

Third, the pillow and pillow towel should be changed frequently, because the pillow has a lot of contact with the human face, it is easy to produce mites, and then lead to the aggravation of the skin condition.

Fourth, do not squeeze acne. Because people's hands are dirty, pimples can cause a lot of bacteria to enter the skin, and may also cause inflammation.

Fifthly, drinking water is good for the balance of oil and improve the condition of excessive oil secretion, so as to improve the sores. Pay attention to avoid eating spicy and irritant food, and do not eat beef and other food prone to hair.

Sixth, we must go to bed early and get up early every day. We must not stay up late or stay up late. Do not sleep in the middle of the night will aggravate hormone secretion, it is easy to stay up late with acne.

Seventh, try not to sit in front of the computer TV all day, because the radiation of the computer TV is large, which is easy to cause harm to the skin, so do not sit in front of the computer for a long time