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Taobao sellers do not deal with refund applications? Detailed process introduction of specific solut

Now many people like to shop on Taobao, because online shopping is very convenient, there is no need to go out, and there are many kinds of things on Taobao, but not all of the things bought back are quite satisfactory. Some of them return immediately after they are bought. So what should Taobao sellers do if they do not handle refund applications? The detailed process of specific solutions is introduced.

Taobao application refund seller does not deal with how to solve?

1. Step 1: open Taobao to find my order and apply for return refund according to the operation at the bottom of the picture. (as shown in the figure below:)

2. Step 2: apply for return refund, there is no reason for seven days, because the seller has no right to refuse, regardless of whether the seller does not handle it, it will automatically agree after 3 days. (as shown in the figure below:)

3. Step 3: after agreeing to refund, the buyer still needs to fill in the express bill number of the refund, remember! Be sure to fill in the [express bill number filling interface before the refund application, as long as the Seller agrees to your refund, refresh it will automatically edge] fill in the express bill number, some babies can also enjoy return freight insurance. (as shown in the figure below:)

4. Step 4: fill in the order number and wait for the seller to receive the goods and contact him to refund you [if the seller refuses to refund, you can apply for a sophomore intervention, 80% of which is successful].

5. Step 5: after the refund is successful, the account funds will be returned to the original way. For example, if you pay with the bank card, it will be returned to your bank card. The transfer time of the bank card is about 2 hours.

6. Step 6: do not apply for this refund only. This is generally rejected or let you modify it. If you want to return the goods, you should apply for a refund.