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Taobao shop open through train useful? What are the advantages of Taobao shop driving through train

Because merchants sometimes pay too much attention to the profit of through trains, they forget the essence of through trains, and think that driving through trains is ineffective and costs nothing. Is it useful for Taobao stores to drive through trains? What are the advantages of Taobao shop driving through train? Let's take a look at it.

1. Precise delivery

The display of the through train is free. Only when the buyer clicks on it, the merchant can freely set the daily quota, delivery time and region. In this way, we can control the expenditure according to the actual situation of the store, so as to reasonably reduce the cost under the premise of ensuring the effect. This is what every shopkeeper wants to see.

2. Accurate flow

As long as it is the baby on the bus, once the buyer searches for the relevant keywords, he will surely see your baby. Therefore, the key words of the product must be accurate, which can greatly improve the product display and bring more potential customers to the store.

3. Higher weight

The through train is a payment promotion method strongly supported by Taobao. The weight of the store will increase with the increase of the store account cost, which is of great help to improve the keyword ranking of baby.

4. Effective related marketing

The through train can bring more popularity to the store. Many buyers habitually check other products after entering the store, which is also the purpose of our related marketing. In this way, other products can also be traded. With a long time, the popularity of the shop will naturally be improved.

5. Precise transformation

The traffic brought by accurate keywords is also more accurate. The purchase intention of this group of people is usually relatively clear, and the conversion rate will naturally increase. Therefore, accurate keywords are really crucial.