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What does lemonade mean? Why is human essence lemonade

Recently, lemon essence and lemon people are very popular on the Internet, and lemon essence is one of the four essence of human beings. However, many netizens may not know what lemon essence is, what is the deep meaning. Today, I'm going to give you a detailed introduction of lemonade?

What is lemon essence?

Lemon people and lemonade on the Internet means literally. The first thing you think of lemon is acid.

Because lemon is a kind of very sour fruit, so lemon essence is used to describe those who like to sour others, and now it is used by many netizens to laugh at themselves. When people show something they don't have but really want, many netizens will say 'I'm sour', so it's called lemonade.

The literal meaning of lemonade is that lemon becomes essence. It is used to express one's feeling of being very sour. It is extended to people who love acid no matter what others do. They compare sourly and diss others sourly. Always through belittle others to enhance their sense of superiority, feel that others are inferior to themselves, this is often described as lemonade. Lemonade is a kind of person who has strong jealousy and can't see others better than himself. And for this kind of person, we usually use a sentence to summarize: if you can't eat grapes, you will say that grapes are sour.

But now many people also use lemonade to describe themselves, used to express the feeling of envy and jealousy. Lemonade means that the whole body exudes a sour smell, similar to the essence of bars, and the same is true of lemon people. When they encounter anything, they are only comfortable when they are sour, and others are not satisfied with their good achievements, which is a kind of arrogance.

The lemonade was first derived from the competition circle, mainly describing the fans of the WE team. WE fans also had a derogatory term "60E", because irrational women make complaints about all kinds of wonderful flowers. They also called "lemon" because RNG has won many awards before, and fans of WE always sing a few words, whether it is S7's star game or after 2018 MSI. On the selection of the Asian Games, we fans complained about RNG fans and had a lot of sour words.

What do you mean human essence is lemonade?

Because many people have realized that human beings are prone to envy, they ridicule the essence of human beings as lemonade. However, there is no derogatory meaning here. It is just a kind of ridicule and self mockery.

At first, the popular stem was called "the essence of human beings is a repeater". Nowadays, the essence of human beings is also ridiculed as a variety of things. As we all know, the repeater is a machine that can store and repeat the sound, and generally has the function of tape playback.

And those who participate in it are called repeaters. In addition, because parrots are good at imitating the language of other animals, the repeater is also called parrot for CP with pigeon group. And now it's popular on the Internet that the essence of human beings is lemonade.