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What materials do you need to apply for an Australian individual tourist visa? Personal application

when we travel to Australia, we need to apply for an Australian personal travel visa. What materials do we need to apply for an Australian personal travel visa? Personal application for Australian visa materials to understand.

a complete set of materials for applying for an Australian individual tourist visa:

1、 Employees:

The first part of the information: 1. Complete Australian visa form (see the following figure for the form); 2. The applicant should provide the original valid private passport with the signature pen of the applicant; 3. 3. Three one inch large color glossy photos (the background color is not limited); 4. Two copies of marriage certificate or marriage certificate should be provided by the husband and wife; 5. The family account book (spouse and children, unmarried parents) And 2 copies of my ID card, which must be color copy;

Part II information: 1. 2 business cards; 1 copy of the company's business license (with official seal); 2. A guarantee letter in both Chinese and English of the company (unit) (see the figure below for the form);

Part III Information 1. Personal assets certificate: for example, one copy of current passbook must have a balance of more than 50000 yuan (or print out the current bank card's current record and require the bank to seal it), and there must be transaction display 6 months before visa application. At the same time, the income and expenditure of the current account should be reasonable and balanced, and large amount of temporary deposit is not allowed; If the name of the passbook account is the name of one spouse, one copy of the marriage certificate shall be provided as proof; two, one copy of relevant supporting documents shall be provided if the applicant owns the house property certificate, car certificate, stock, securities, etc.; 3. If the applicant is an individual business owner, private enterprise owner or joint stock operator, he shall also provide a copy of tax payment certificate (A4 paper) in the last quarter to prove that his business is Legal, authentic (this may not be provided).

2、 Non employed persons:

The information of the first and third parts above, as well as one original of the identity certificate issued by the neighborhood committee, police station and village committee of the place where the registered permanent residence is located must be provided.

3、 Retirees:

It is necessary to provide the first and third parts of the above information, as well as: 1. A copy of the retirement certificate or an original Chinese certificate of retirement; 2. The applicant is over 70 years old and provides health certificate and Australian medical insurance, and can not do ads, but can only do slow signing, which takes 15 working days. *After the Australian consulate accepts the visa of the guest, the designated hospital and doctor will be informed. The health certificate will be issued by the hospital.

4、 Students in school

Part I information 1) Australia and New Zealand Visa Form 2) original passport 3) three one inch color glossy photos 4) two copies of birth certificate 5) if you have ID card, please provide 1 color copy of ID card

The second part of the information: 1) one color copy of the household registration book of the whole family; 2) one color copy of the parents' ID card; 3) one copy of the parents' marriage certificate; if the parents divorce, one copy of the divorce certificate and one copy of the custody judgment shall be provided

The third part of the information 1) if not both parents together, provide a letter of consent not to accompany (see the figure below, the names of the parents and children must be accurate) 2) one original of the consent letter of School Certification (see the table below) Part IV information 1) the parents' property certificate of more than RMB 50000 (see the assets requirements of working people for specific requirements)

The above list of materials is for reference only. According to the different situations of each person, it is suggested that the class members should assist through professional organizations to ensure your visa pass rate.