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Get rid of the meat

Don't worry. Look here. Nowadays, there seems to be an unformed rule. If you want to be a beautiful woman, you must have a melon seed face or an awl face. If you don't believe it, you can go to see those second-line and third-line stars or those net red stars, which one doesn't rely on the whole face to make themselves look like that, so many people say that those Korean women's troupes all have the same face, A large part of it is for this reason. Of course, Zhao Liying's kind doesn't count. After all, people are born with envy.

Well, back to our main point today, because of this shapeless rule, many girls pay special attention to the two lumps of meat on their faces. As long as they gain a little weight, it seems that something big has happened, for fear of destroying the beauty of the whole face, they try their best to reduce the meat. But to be honest, if the meat on their faces is really much, it can really Let you 'change your face' and even make people can't recognize it. If you were 90 Jin and suddenly grew to 130 kg, I'm afraid your parents may not recognize you, so I think it's imperative to make your face thin. Then how can we make your face thin?

First of all, I think the most important thing is that no matter where you want to lose weight, you can't make fun of your health, otherwise all the results will only be outweighed. If you want to thin your face, the most important thing is to tighten your skin. You can pat your face with your hands every time you wash your face. It can not only replenish water, but also compact your skin. After a long time, it will also achieve the effect of thin your face.

Finally, I would like to say that if the meat on your face is born with baby fat, I don't think you need to reduce it, because baby fat will naturally retreat when you reach a certain age, like me, I have it since childhood, and I was very worried, but now after college, the meat on my face will naturally decrease, and I don't know why, so this kind of thing goes well Naturally.