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What do you mean by Benming and waitou? Who are the four big walls in the entertainment industry

In the rice circle, there are many words that describe fans. According to the status of fans, some adjectives in the rice circle, or their idols, are used to describe idols. So, for yourself, what idol is the destiny and what idol is the wall? And it is said that there are four wall heads in the entertainment industry. So what do you mean by this life and wall? Who are the four wall heads in the entertainment industry?

What do you mean by life and wall?

In the rice circle, you can see that some fans will describe their idols as their own destiny or their own wall. Then, what kind of idols are their own destiny and what idols are wall heads for themselves? Generally speaking, Benming means their favorite idols. Besides their own lives, there are some idols who are very fond of.

Generally speaking, the fans who have a wall are usually called "Wallace powder". Such fans are easy to be idolized, maybe because of their beauty, maybe because of Amway, but the Wallace fans come and go quickly. This life will be relatively stable, because this life is generally a favorite idol of fans, such fans can also be understood as die loyal fans.

To give you an example, if you say your favorite idols are Yi Bu Qian Xi, Bai Jingting, Wu Lei, Liu Haoran, the fans must be very happy. It's true that there are few black powder among passers-by. For passers-by, they like the artists they see on the screen. In addition to this name, there is also the name of the combination, called 1136. 1136 means one thousand (Yi closed Qian Xi) + 100 (Bai Jingting) + 30 (Wu Lei's three stone brother) + six yuan (Liu Haoran's original name is Liu Yuan).

According to the above explanation, you can basically know what the meaning of Benming and qiantou means. Therefore, in the rice circle, there is a certain division of the degree of one's favorite idols. Generally speaking, Benming is easy to shake. After all, it is one's favorite idol.