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About speeding up the charging of new energy vehicles! Accelerate the development of new energy vehi

Charging infrastructure construction is an important guarantee for the popularization of new energy vehicles. Last year, our city put the new charging pile of new energy vehicles into the focus of people's livelihood, and issued Implementation Opinions at the beginning of this year, proposing that by the end of 2020, all types of charging facilities in all areas of the central urban area will be fully covered. "We should issue corresponding supporting policies for the construction of charging piles and improve management measures to lay a solid foundation for the development of new energy vehicles in our city. Liu Zhihe, member of the CPPCC municipal committee and Secretary of the Party committee of the State Grid Luoyang power supply company, said.

Liu Zhihe suggested that the city should further establish and improve the charging infrastructure management system in accordance with the national technical standards and specifications, so as to ensure the smooth travel of new energy vehicles. Efforts should be made to solve the current charging infrastructure construction problems, including the difficulty in landing the construction land for external power supply, the difficulty in site selection and coordination of high-speed highway and urban fast charging stations Shorten the approval time and other methods to speed up the construction progress.

Liu Zhihe said that at present, many enterprises in our city have advanced advantages in the relevant industrial chain. By promoting the construction of local charging piles, it is helpful to cultivate and expand the charging equipment, charging system and other industries, and further accelerate the construction of an important new energy automobile industrial base in central and Western China.