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How to relieve dysmenorrhea quickly

Dysmenorrhea is a very painful thing for girls. When the days of each month come, the girl with dysmenorrhea will experience a test. She will have a series of reactions, such as abdominal colic, waist pain, cold sweat, and even fainting. What is the best way to solve dysmenorrhea? Below, small make up to a few moves, hope to bring help to dysmenorrhea girls.

First, keep your abdomen warm. Menstrual women must pay attention to keeping warm, which can not only accelerate the blood circulation of the body, but also help us relax muscles. When the muscles in the spasm and pelvis are relaxed, the dysmenorrhea will also be relieved. We can also use warm baby paste in the abdomen, it can be very good to alleviate dysmenorrhea caused by dysmenorrhea. In addition, with Chuanwu, Caowu 5 grams of powder together, and then into the onion juice and honey, every day on the abdomen for 2 hours, for the relief of dysmenorrhea also has a good effect.

Second, practice yoga. Yoga can help us relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Sit on the yoga mat, keep your upper body straight and your hips steady. Exhale and inhale evenly, the body is slowly turned backward by the waist, and the left and right sides are in turn transformed. This process can help us massage the abdomen and relieve our dysmenorrhea.

Third, drink brown sugar and ginger tea. Brown sugar and ginger tea are warm, can warm the uterus, accelerate the blood circulation of the body, and promote the discharge of blood. A cup of tea with brown sugar and ginger can warm us up, make us very comfortable and play a good role in relieving dysmenorrhea.

Fourth, painkillers. For women with severe dysmenorrhea, painkillers are the last choice. When we can't stand the pain, we can take some painkillers properly. But remember not to eat too much, or it will stimulate the stomach and bring great side effects to the human body.