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What about blisters on your feet? Can you break it?

If you walk too far away at one time, and your shoes grind your feet, it's easy to get blisters on your feet. Because of the constant friction, the pain makes it difficult for us to take one step. So what do we do when we have blisters on our feet? At this time, you have to deal with the specific situation of the blister, do not take things at will to prick the blister, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. Now, Xiaobian is going to teach you the right way to deal with blisters.

First of all, if the blister is small, we should not prick it, otherwise it will aggravate the pain and easily cause infection. The correct way is to stick a band aid, but in order to prevent the blister from repeatedly rubbing, we should first cut a hole in the middle of the band aid according to the size of the blister, then cover it around the blister, and then in the water Place a new band aid on the protruding cutout.

If the blisters are big and already painful, then we can prick them. First of all, use alcohol to disinfect the blister, and then use the sterilized needle to make a small hole in the blister. At this time, we can gently squeeze out the liquid in the blister along the hole. After that, never tear off the blister skin, and cover the wound directly with gauze.

The last situation is that if the blister has been broken, forming a circle of wound, then we need to clean and disinfect it in time, and then apply gauze. For the blisters of beriberi, we can puncture them, but we must pay attention to prevent infection. At ordinary times, we can use potassium permanganate bubble tablet to bubble feet for about 20 minutes each time, which is very effective for the treatment of foot blisters. After the blister is ready, apply medicine to the place where the blister is broken in time, and clean the hands with soap to prevent infection of the hands. In addition, more breathable shoes and socks should be washed every day to ensure foot hygiene.