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How does animation hero League become nine tails? The skills of nine tail fox in hero League

Nine Tailed Fox (a Li) is a very flexible hero in the League of heroes. Big moves can provide multiple displacement and excellent damage. Q's special magic blood sucking mechanism makes this hero's function extremely comprehensive. It is also a very good choice in major professional arena, and the second echelon after version hero is preferred. So how does animation hero League become nine tails? Hero League nine tail fox on the sub skills to understand.

If you want to score with foxes, you need to master the following skills:

Methods / steps:

Runes and talents of the Nine Tailed Fox

Talent recommended 12-18, must choose thunder Lord's decree, because Fox's second q is very easy to trigger this effect, highly recommended.


Advanced spell strength quintessence 3

9 marks of advanced Spell Penetration

9 high armor runes

9 glyphs of growth magic resistance

Priority is given to runes with less CD, which is important for foxes.

Nine tail fox (a Li) alignment skills:

It's hard to make up for foxes. The attack is low, Ping a raises his hand too slowly, and the damage should be handled accurately. It is recommended that you do not lose skills in the early stage. Sometimes, losing skills for one soldier may lead to a whole wave of soldiers missing, and the early stage is particularly blue consuming. Taking skills to replenish soldiers will lead to the attack of wild Gang, but you will not have blue.

If you have to take skills to make up, then avoid soldiers who don't need to mend. Otherwise, it will be easy to press the line. The survival ability of fox before level 6 is too low. If you can not press the line, you will not press the line. Then there is a very contradictory thing here. If you are passive, you want to call more soldiers to recover blood, but you are afraid to press the line. It depends on the situation. Sometimes when something should be given away, you still have to give it up.

It can be used as an assassin, as an assassin, as an assassin, as an assassin, as an assassin. This version can also come out of the Hicks belt.

Line up, hindra. In my opinion, absolute dad, the fox can't beat you. Maybe it's me. First of all, sindra is a line bully. Second, sindra's hand is longer than Fox's, and her control doesn't need to cross the soldiers. After level 6, it's the end of the fox (because she r you can't drive)

On the line fish, fish is the second most popular hero I play. Before level 3, the fox can still beat the little fish. After level 3, the fox enters a disadvantage, and after level 6, there is no fight at all. How to say, the outbreak of fox is not as high as that of little fish (besides, this version has been strengthened), and the control of fox is in vain in front of the little fish. (never think you can reach him, say, how about you, little fish hide If you have a skill, you can't hold him). If you eat bait after level 6, turn around and R. don't think about anything else. Once you get close, you can't run. If you don't get bait, you still have one stop.

I like to play Yasuo best. Fox plays Yasso very well. When he learns from Q, he learns from Q. he learns from E. when he matches the line, he breaks his shield when he mends his knife, and then q is good. When fox e Yasso, he can hit Yasuo at the next position when he is approaching. As long as Yasuo has no wind wall, he can be easily hit, After level 6, it's still good to play.

Nine tail fox (a Li) thought of regiment warfare

Before the group war, find a good position for long-distance consumption, and when the opponent's residual blood and skills are completed, they will directly use big moves to cut in. E can also fly kites while running for their lives. If you operate well, you may be able to show a few dead. The release of e skill must be cautious and can't follow the fate. It is good if the first one can hit E. if he doesn't, it doesn't matter if he doesn't. the hit rate will be much higher and it will also have a good effect. In group warfare, the fox's positioning should be consumption and the final harvest. Unless e can be sure to dodge the ball, but once the operation is careless, it is easy to die by fire.

Here, the children's shoes who like to show off can give priority to a gold body, so that they can play and show, and can open a group with strength. The golden body can cheat skills in 2 seconds.

Fox in the regiment war, or partial consumption and pursuit of the main, avoid blind e-dodge regiment, fox does not die, the regiment war does not die.

The summary of Nine Tailed Fox (a Li)

In the first stage, the online consumption should be controlled well, and then the basic skills of replenishing soldiers are not mentioned. When I go out, I usually go out with Duolan, one red and one blue (I control blue very poorly). When I go home, I bring out a taboo statue, a big stick, and then ghost books, hats, Central Asia, put on shoes in the middle, and you can make up an abyss magic wand if you have enough money. In terms of line-up, in the early stage, I usually focus on Q (limit distance, to ensure two injuries). If the opponent makes a mistake, he will be given a set of EWq directly (finally, q is put because of the increase of moving speed, which can quickly keep away from the other party) (be sure to do a good job in the field of vision and buy more eyes). If the wind is favorable, you can take the e opponent first, and the opponent will be hurt if a set of skills is played up

This is a flexible hero. He is very good at finding opportunities. As long as he can practice hard, it will be easy to go to the club.