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Why is it that girls' Day falls on March 7 every year? The origin and origin of girl's Day

A few more days will be the girls' day. For many girls, is this a special day? Do you know why girls' Day is chosen on March 7? What is the origin of girls' day?

Girls' day, originated in Shandong University in the early 1990s, is a festival to care for college girls and show their elegant demeanor. It is also one of the representatives of campus interesting culture.

There is no uniform fixed date, which is determined by the universities or organizations that hold the women's day according to the actual situation.

The origin of girls' day on March 7

Women's Day is very popular in Colleges and universities, such as Ningbo University, Zhengzhou University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Forestry University, China Youth Political College, Shandong University, National People's Congress, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan, Beihang, Sichuan University, South China University of technology, Xiamen University, Southwest University of political science and law, Huaqiao University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Fuzhou University, Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou electric power There are colorful girl's days in Universities of science and technology, Yanshan University, Beijing University of foreign studies, Huazhong University of science and technology, Anhui University of technology, Guangxi University, Harbin University of Technology (Weihai), China University of science and technology, Wuhan University of technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guangdong University of technology, Shandong Institute of Commerce and vocational technology, etc. Girls' Day is neither a local festival nor a foreign festival. As for the origin of the girl's day, there are the following:

First, it comes from the girl's day of Guanggong

In 1991, Guangdong Institute of technology, the predecessor of Guangdong University of technology, under the specific environment of more men and less women in engineering colleges, took "caring for girls" as the purpose, and guided girls to pay attention to their own ideological quality, moral cultivation, cultural connotation, business ability, mental health and other comprehensive quality improvement through carrying out high-grade and high-quality humanistic activities. It is scheduled to be held in the third place in November every year It will be held in one week. At present, Guanggong girls' Day is still the most characteristic festival held in Colleges and universities in China.

Second, because of the 38 women's day

It is said that on the international women's day on March 8, college girls don't want to call themselves women, and they don't want to give up women's holiday privileges. I don't know who proposed it. Since then, there has been women's day. According to a popular saying that "girls and women are only one day away", everyone calls March 7, the day before March 8, as "girls' day."

3、 Valentine's Day derivatives

Chinese Valentine's Day (the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar) and Western Valentine's Day (February 14 every year) are in the winter and summer holidays, and the most indispensable thing on campus is love. Therefore, girls' Day was born. On this day, the boy confesses to the girl who has been deeply in love for a long time, or the boys celebrate the festival for the girl, looking for the girl who makes his heart beat.

Time for girls' Day

In many colleges and universities, March 7 is the day, while in some universities it is a week or even a month. Guangzhou workers' day, the pioneer of girls' day, is held in the third week of November every year, and the time is one week.

Foreign girls' Day

In foreign countries, in addition to the 38 women's day, some countries also have girls' festivals, such as: Japanese girls' day

In Japan, every year, March 3 is the happiest day for girls, because it is the traditional "girls' Day" in Japan. Girls' Day is also called 'Peach Blossom Festival'. In the past, girls' Day was on March 3 of the old calendar (about a month later than March 3 of the Gregorian calendar), when peach blossom was in full bloom, so it got its name. Setting up dolls at home is a traditional celebration of girls' day. On this day, all families with girls will set up a ladder shaped doll rack in the living room, and put various dolls (dolls) in Japanese kimonos to celebrate the healthy growth of girls. These little puppets have their own production, but also bought. As long as a Japanese girl is born, her parents, grandparents, relatives and friends will give her a set of exquisite and beautiful dolls. A set of puppets, generally 15, including the emperor and queen, three palace ladies, five musicians, two ministers and three guards. These little dolls have different postures and are lifelike. Today's Japanese girls usually don't wear kimonos (traditional Japanese clothing). But on the girl's day, they all put on beautiful kimonos, and invited their closest partners. They all sat around the couple's stand, chatting and playing to enjoy the festival.