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What are the good mountain bike brands? Mountain bike brand ranking

Choosing a good mountain bike depends on its quality and riding experience, and the quickest way is to focus on the brand bicycles that have already had a word-of-mouth effect. Let's take a look at what brand of mountain bike is the best?

10. Big line

Dahang was founded in 1978 in the United States, is a professional production of light industry enterprises. Its products have passed the strict quality inspection, and the most scientific human body mechanics principle is used in the design. Therefore, Dahang mountain bike has a very good reputation in the industry.

9. Decathlon

Decathlon was founded in France in 1976, which has a high reputation in the world. Decathlon mountain bike is simple and generous in design, diverse in styles, and good in practicability and comfort.


Established in Tianjin in 1995, jema is mainly located in the high-end market of the bicycle industry. It is a large-scale bicycle and electric vehicle production base. JEMAA bicycle has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification and Japan SG certification, and the mountain bike produced by it has a very good comfort and experience.

7. Trinidad

Founded in 1992 in Guangdong, Trinidad is a comprehensive group company. Its production process has been using the most advanced production technology and raw materials, and its cost performance is also very high, so it has a very good sales in the market.

6. Phoenix

Founded in 1958 in Shanghai, Phoenix is the most influential brand in the bicycle industry of the last century. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the continuous improvement of production technology and rich varieties. Fenghuang mountain bike is the best raw material for production, and now it also maintains a high brand competitiveness.

5. Hedyson

Founded in Guangdong Province in 1995, Xide Sheng is a professional bicycle enterprise. The company always insists on adopting the most advanced production technology and raw materials in product production. There are many kinds of mountain bike styles to choose from. Therefore, since its establishment, the company has won a number of awards and has a number of loyal consumers in the market.

4. Permanent

Shanghai, which was established in 1940, is a diversified enterprise in the industry. It not only enriches products, but also pays attention to the quality of products. The permanent mountain bike uses the best quality raw materials, and has won consistent praise in the market.

3. Trek

Trek was founded in the United States in 1976. The brand has always insisted on producing the best quality products. Its mountain bikes are produced with the most advanced production technology, and the styles available for consumers are also very diverse.

2. Merida

Merida was founded in 1972 in Taiwan, China. It is a large-scale enterprise entering the high-end bicycle market. For many years, it has been focusing on product R & D and innovation. All mountain bikes produced by melida adopt TPS production standard, which has a very good response in the market.

1. Giant

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan, China, giant is now the world's largest bicycle manufacturer. Since its establishment, the brand has always put quality first. There are many styles of giant mountain bike, which can meet the needs of different mountain bike enthusiasts.