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What should I do if I forget the ID code of Apple mobile phone? Here's a trick, please come here!

Since jobs invented apple, it seems that there are several organs missing. But as an apple party, Xiaobian thinks that the value of this apple is equal to that of the apple that hit Newton. So, Xiaobian has to work hard or apple n will come out again.

However, many Apple users will encounter this situation when they use Apple mobile phones. It's because they haven't updated or downloaded new software for a long time, and then forget the Apple ID code. It's really troublesome!

But don't worry. Xiaobian will sort out the retrieval method for you and submit the Apple ID password retrieval manual for you. First you can retrieve it by using the password recovery process on the 'my Apple ID' page. Please follow the steps below to retrieve:

(1) go to my Apple ID first and click 'manage your account'.

(II) then on the login page, select "forget Apple ID?"

(3) be sure to fill in all required fields that may be associated with apple ID Note: if more than one email address corresponds to an Apple ID, select the email address that is currently or most recently used.

(4) you will see two options. Choose 'option 1' to request apple to send an email, or 'option 2' to answer the security questions that were set when the Apple ID was originally created Note: the entire process is similar to resetting the Apple ID password (show email options)

(5) if you need to use the link in the email or answer the security question, you can see the option to reset the Apple ID password. Apple ID will be shown in bold.

Well, that's all the content of the compilation. But the best way is to use your best brain to remember the ID code. I hope the above methods can help you.